Egypt's Dilemma

Until a week ago, the question in everyone’s mind bearing in mind Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions was “When will Israel attack Iran?” Well, Iran surprised everyone by instead attacking Israel, using Iranian rockets assembled in Gaza and fired by Hamas. Now the question is what is Israel’s most powerful neighbour, Egypt, likely to do? To […]

Whither Egypt?

The one firm truth about the Middle East is that the truth changes with alarming speed and regularity. It all usually depends on which despot, regime, fanatic or extremist is in the ascendancy at any given moment, and which racist, mass-murderer, dictator or relgious theocracy has been deoposed or alternatively murdered its way to the […]

Gaza Travel Guide for Pro-Hamas Flotilla Participants

Choose the order in which you want to read the following three articles: Former Israeli ambassador to Romania, Egypt and Israel Mr Zvi Mazel writes in the Jerusalem Post that yesterday’s events in the Mediterranean Sea were not the work of peace activists but rather the work of committed militants.   The immensely clear-thinking, principled (a […]

Another failed Arab summit – symbol of a hopelessly divided Arab world

My guest writer today is Zvi Mazel, Former Israeli Ambassador to Romania, Egypt and Sweden and a Fellow of the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs (Here is the JCPA website) Before reading what Zvi Mazel has to say about the intelligence or otherwise of the Arab approach to yet another failed Arab summit, take a quick look […]

Al Ahram scarcely the most objective of commentators

In its most recent issue (no. 674, 22-28 Jan.) Al Ahram fired a broadside at Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Mr Zvi Mazel, who has previously served as his country’s ambassador to Egypt. The highly respected tone-setting Egyptian weekly took Ambassador Mazel to task, noting that his actions smacked of vandalism against an exhibit that merely […]