Hypocrisy at the highest level

We live in interesting – and astonishingly hypocritical – times. The US forces Israel to release 104 Islamist terrorists tried and convicted of terrorism against civilians in Israel, because their release will allow the current US government to curry favour in the Muslim world. Their release will strengthen the USA’s hand in whatever political, diplomatic, […]

When civilian deaths donā€™t matter

Yesterday about 30 or 40 people aboard the Turkish vessel Mava Marmara attempted to murder a number of Israeli officers executing a search warrant. The officers boarded the vessel to prevent the smuggling of suspected contraband to the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Hamas terrorist organisation. After a dozen Israeli officers were wounded, […]

2922 is less than 22

In December 2008, Operation Cast Lead saw Israel finally respond to 2922 days of constant missile barrages from the Gaza Strip ā€“ up to 50 missiles a day ā€“ aimed at Israeli towns, villages, hospitals, schools, power stations and factories. The Israeli response to these 2922 days of Palestinian Arab aggression lasted 22 days. Much […]