The Swedish boycott

Swedish dockworkers are set to boycott cargo to and from Israel to mark their support for terrorist organisation Hamas’s right to import rockets for use against Israel. Thus far Hamas has fired more than 10,000 rockets at civilian communities in Israel. The radical left-wing Swedish Port Workers Union feels this is insufficient and is now […]

When civilian deaths don’t matter

Yesterday about 30 or 40 people aboard the Turkish vessel Mava Marmara attempted to murder a number of Israeli officers executing a search warrant. The officers boarded the vessel to prevent the smuggling of suspected contraband to the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Hamas terrorist organisation. After a dozen Israeli officers were wounded, […]

"Peaceful" reception by Hamas peace-lovers on peaceful cruise

Here’s the video evidence of the “peaceful” way in which the Islamists on board the terrorists’ supply convoy handled the Israeli police action designed to prevent the smuggling of weapons and illegal personnel into Gaza. See for yourself how a member of the Israeli boarding party is viciously beaten before his feet even touch the deck. […]

Inhuman wrongs

The “Ship to Gaza” activists have finally abandoned all pretence of concern for human rights. The “Ship to Gaza” organizers do not feel that Jews are entitled to human rights, only Muslims are. As a teenager, Israeli youngster Gilad Schalit was kidnapped from Israel four years ago and has since been illegally held by Hamas without […]

Send Goldstone to Russia and Chechnya

Ethics at work. Or not. At least 39 people were killed and scores wounded in two suicide bombings in Moscow. President Dmitry Medvedev said, “We will continue the fight against terrorism unswervingly and to the end.” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went one step further, saying the “terrorists will be destroyed.” US President Barack Obama, for […]