Sweden through Zionist eyes on the eve of a pro-Israel manifestation

The following article was first published as an op-ed in Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, and is reprinted here with kind permission from them. The article is in the form of an interview conducted by Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The article should be read against the background of a […]

Wear a kippa – but only with police protection

Sweden is a remarkable country. In many ways the envy of Europe, not least for one of its most famous sons Raoul Wallenberg, its vaunted social welfare program and its industrial successes of the recent past, yet haunted by the murders of its prime minister Olof Palme and foreign minister Anna Lindh. And by its […]

When does interest become obsession?

When does reporting the news slip seamlessly into manufacturing the news? And when does a constant barrage of negative publicity on the world’s sole Jewish nation – accompanied by the total exclusion of reporting on major news in surrounding Muslim nations – achieve official recognition as a political campaign? A state-funded political campaign, at that. […]

Gaza without electricity

A quarter of Gaza’s electricity supply has been summarily cut off. Yet there are no boat convoys departing from Turkey to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians’ human rights. Iran remains eerily silent. There are no massive demonstrations in Beirut, Riyadh, Damascus or Cairo. 25 percent of Gaza’s electricity comes from a power station in […]

Swedish “Christian Aid” organisation Diakonia breaks the law – and every moral code

Hundreds of articles involving Swedish “Christian Aid” organisation Diakonia and the “desperate situation in Gaza”. Fruit stall in “Desperate Gaza“ Hundreds of articles by Diakonia about the “Israeli assault on Gaza’s civilians” in Operation Cast Lead last year. According to Diakonia there was no reason for Israel’s actions whatsoever – 10,000 missiles from Gaza fired […]

Ship from Gaza

A disparate bunch of anti-democratic, dictator-supporting fanatical extremists and other peripheral organisations in Sweden are currently making waves (pardon the pun) about their plans to send a ship to Gaza. They claim that the purpose is to transport “necessities” to the Islamist enclave. Here’s how the organisers put it themselves: “Ship to Gaza is unaffiliated […]

A legal precedent

The Jerusalem Post reports that The European Initiative, a new European pro-Israeli lobby, has filed a lawsuit in Belgium against Hamas leaders from Gaza and Damascus, demanding that they be brought to justice for war crimes. About time too. The Belgian initiative is a welcome proactive move against terrorism and against support for intransigence, indoctrination, […]