A view from Sweden: Sullying Raoul Wallenberg’s reputation

(A version of the following article was published as an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post on June 29, 2012) Raoul Wallenberg’s grandnephew Michael Wernstedt’s stance on Israeli policy in the West Bank is troubling. Sweden’s Raoul Wallenberg was the epitome of selflessness, bravery and principle. He refused to be silent in the face of evil, […]

When does interest become obsession?

When does reporting the news slip seamlessly into manufacturing the news? And when does a constant barrage of negative publicity on the world’s sole Jewish nation – accompanied by the total exclusion of reporting on major news in surrounding Muslim nations – achieve official recognition as a political campaign? A state-funded political campaign, at that. […]

Arab animosity towards the Palestinians

The Arab countries are firmly against the idea of giving Palestinian Arabs fundamental rights such as citizenship, entitlement to own land or property, the right to work in certain professions, the right to live where they want. This bizarre and from the human rights viewpoint immoral situation can perhaps be seen most clearly in the […]

A legal precedent

The Jerusalem Post reports that The European Initiative, a new European pro-Israeli lobby, has filed a lawsuit in Belgium against Hamas leaders from Gaza and Damascus, demanding that they be brought to justice for war crimes. About time too. The Belgian initiative is a welcome proactive move against terrorism and against support for intransigence, indoctrination, […]

Attack Bildt but not Sweden

The following is the English version of an article published in Israeli weekly Makor Rishon by Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld, Chairman of the Board of Fellows of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA). The recent Swedish proposal to the European Union to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state was a […]

An illiterate Foreign Minster?

Is Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt illiterate? Or can he actually read and write, and it’s just his thought processes that are muddled? Richard Goldstone recently published a scathing report that heavily criticised Israel for its 30-day operation in Gaza in January this year. Remarkably, however, the report failed to take make mention of the […]

Sweden fishing in murky Hamas waters

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt wades through some very murky waters indeed. Before the weekend he breaks EU policy, meets with Hamas government ministers and declares “we believe the Palestinian government should be treated as a single entity”. Immediately after the weekend he somehow manages to forget everything Hamas stands for on his visit to […]

Aid for Palestinian Arabs, none for Swedes

Think about this: Within 24 hours of the catastrophe in SE Asia, Israeli aid was on its way. This has been reported and praised throughout the world – but the story has scarcely made it into the mainstream Swedish media. Lottie Knutson, spokeswoman for Swedish travel agency Fritidsresor, has done a fantastic job in the […]

15-year-old Swedish girl dying in Gaza

15-year-old Swede Miriam Nowajha will soon slip into a coma. Miriam, who together with her four siblings aged 6-16 was kidnapped and has been incarcerated in Gaza since June, suffers from Type 1 diabetes and is about to die. Miriam has no more facilities for testing her blood-sugar level. Without knowing her blood-sugar level, she […]