Is the Swedish Foreign Minister out of touch with reality?

60 years ago, Sweden made the headlines by sending its White Buses to bring scores of Jewish Holocaust survivors out of the terrifying hell of European anti-Semitism to a safe haven in Sweden. Today Swedes are hitting the headlines with gaps in logic and empathy large enough to drive a bus through – while Swedish […]

14 year-old boy on anti-Semitism in Sweden:

I’m not free to wear my Star of David I’m afraid every time I’m alone in the city. Just because I’m Jewish, I’m constantly attacked by racist guys with roots in the Arab countries Journalists such as Helle Klein in Aftonbladet deny that the hate that I experience almost every week even exists As a […]

Al Ahram scarcely the most objective of commentators

In its most recent issue (no. 674, 22-28 Jan.) Al Ahram fired a broadside at Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Mr Zvi Mazel, who has previously served as his country’s ambassador to Egypt. The highly respected tone-setting Egyptian weekly took Ambassador Mazel to task, noting that his actions smacked of vandalism against an exhibit that merely […]

Anti-Jewish sentiment spreads in Swedish schools

The following case-history highlights creeping anti-Jewish sentiment in Swedish society. On the 11th of September 2001, four civilian aircraft were deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon headquarters in the USA. The shock of this event prompted many head teachers in Sweden to advise their staff to take time from scheduled school […]