The New Stockholm Syndrome

This article was first published in The Jerusalem Report Magazine on 13 June 2013. ViewPoint Swedish politicians and the media are paralyzed by fear of even acknowledging the issue of Muslim hooliganism Stockholm Syndrome is the irrational empathy of a cowed hostage for his captor, his subservient gratitude for not being further debased. The term […]

Swedish media expressing surprisingly open criticism of Islamism

Last weekend an Islamist blew himself up in Stockholm. The terror attack in Sweden’s capital city killed only the terrorist, lightly injuring two passersby. The Swedish Islamist terrorist had a total of 8 bombs with him: one car bomb, which exploded. One explosive backpack packed with sharp nails which he intended to throw into a […]

Islamist suicide bombing in Stockholm, Sweden

Back in 1979, Swedish super-group ABBA took the world by storm with a smash hit entitled “I Have a Dream”. In 1983, with many hits in the interim and many more yet to come, ABBA gave out “Under Attack”. Prophetic or what? Today, the Swedish dream is at an end, with this peaceful Scandinavian nation […]