The barrier that arouses no protests

In the Middle East there is a barrier – a totally impenetrable wall – about which nobody in the West protests. A barrier that controls the movements of individuals, that prevents law-abiding citizens from going to their work-places, to their schools, to the shops. A wall that prevents people from visiting their parents, relatives, friends. […]

Pop-quiz for peace

First there were howls of protest because Jews in Israel dared build a security barrier to shield themselves from maniacal homicide bombers out to kill Jews because they were Jews. The protesters – the Arabs, the Arabists and the Left – insisted that the problem was that it was not right to build a barrier […]

It's all about cause and effect. Cause always comes first.

Israel is receiving considerable criticism today for the construction of its anti-terrorist barrier. However, this barrier was erected AFTER the launch of the ongoing Palestinian bombing campaign against civilian Jews on buses, in restaurants, on their way to school. Media commentators refer almost exclusively to the 4% of the anti-terrorist barrier that consists of a […]