UN silence versus UN action

China invaded Tibet and has systematically ethnically cleansed up to one million Tibetan civilians – men, women and children – from their homes, forcibly transferring them to China and replacing them with ethnic Chinese. But Tibet has no oil. The UN has remained silent. No military action from the UN to protect Tibetan civilians’ human […]

Dealing with terrorists on the open sea, scenario 2

Once again there has been a police action in international waters. Once again it has resulted in fatalities. Once again a ship has been boarded by naval officers. The ship was manned by suspected terrorists and pirates, but this time the naval police force did not steer the ship to port for a thorough check […]

Send Goldstone to Russia and Chechnya

Ethics at work. Or not. At least 39 people were killed and scores wounded in two suicide bombings in Moscow. President Dmitry Medvedev said, “We will continue the fight against terrorism unswervingly and to the end.” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went one step further, saying the “terrorists will be destroyed.” US President Barack Obama, for […]