A view from Sweden: Sullying Raoul Wallenberg’s reputation

(A version of the following article was published as an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post on June 29, 2012) Raoul Wallenberg’s grandnephew Michael Wernstedt’s stance on Israeli policy in the West Bank is troubling. Sweden’s Raoul Wallenberg was the epitome of selflessness, bravery and principle. He refused to be silent in the face of evil, […]

Naked racism

Look at the video below. It was recorded in Luton, England. Imagine walking around in public and openly claiming that anyone with a different religion to yours deserved to – and would – be burned to death for this ‘affront’. Incitement to racial hatred? Incitement to commit murder? Threats in a public place? Contravention of […]

No price too high

The Jewish state is experiencing mixed feelings today. In Israel today there is elation at the return of Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped from Israel at age 19 and held in indescribably inhumane conditions for five years by Islamist terror organisation Hamas in the Gaza Strip. For five long years after his illegal abduction from […]

Passover, the Exodus of reason and UN-financed Arab violence

With more than 12,000 mortar shells as well as Kassam, Katyusha and Grad rockets fired by Gaza’s Hamas government at civilian targets in Israel over the past eight years, the constant bombardment is finally being brought to the attention of the world powers. British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the only […]

Israel betrayed

Melanie Phillips, a great thinker and analyst whose prolific output can be read in a variety of publications and books, has an extremely thought-provoking article about the Palestinian Arab death-cult that the selectively blind Western world euphemistically refers to as “Palestinian culture”.  It is this “culture” that justifies the executions of 3-month-old and 10-month-old Jewish […]

Richard Goldstone’s dark secret out in the open

Richard Goldstone sentenced scores of black Africans to death in South Africa while serving as a judge in that country. His explanation: “Those were the laws, I had to respect them.” The wording is frighteningly reminiscent of the defence put forward by several high-ranking officials of the Third Reich at their post-War trials. They were […]

Ankara’s Erdogan and Malmö’s Reepalu: twin souls

Interesting words. “There haven’t been any attacks on Jewish people, and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmo.”Malmö Mayor Ilmar Reepalu, Social Democratic Party, in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph   Hate crimes against Jews (link in Swedish) in Malmö increased by 100 percent […]

Ilmar Reepalu of Malmö: Wrong in every language

Estonian-born mayor of Malmö Mr Illmar Reepalu seems to have an inbred need to disseminate hatred of everything Jewish. He also appears to have a rather uncomfortable relationship with the truth. And he seems to have a markedly selective grasp of the English language. In fact, every time he speaks or writes – whatever the […]

Sweden: Well on the Way To Becoming The First Islamist Republic of Europe

When Malmö Mayor Ilmar Reepalu expresses anti-Semitic sentiments and decries the legitimacy of only one state in the world – Israel – and no other, this is not an exception to the rule in Sweden. It is the rule in Sweden. Reepalu does what he does because he has the full backing of large swathes […]

Code Red in Malmö

Sweden’s third-largest city is Malmö. Malmö is ruled by a Social Democratic mayor with extremist left-wing leanings. In deference to his red political leanings, Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu states – publicly and on the day that the civilised world commemorates the 6 million Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust – that Swedish Jews are required to […]