Swedish state TV censorship working perfectly, thanks for asking

On Sunday night Palestinian-Arab terrorists fired six (6) rockets against civilian targets in southern Israel. The random selection of the targets was intended to spread terror: schools, homes, business, hospitals and streets. On Swedish state-run TV, SVT, this wanton act of terrorism merited not a single mention. Not one word. Not long ago, however, the same […]

SVT-censuren fungerar perfekt, tack för att ni frågar

Natten till måndag 24 juni sköt palestinsk-arabiska terrorister sex (6) raketer mot civila mål i södra Israel: skolor, bostadshus, affärer, sjukhus och gator. I SVT-text rapporterades  –  inte ett enda ord. För inte så länge kunde man å andra sidan få mycket detaljerade SVT-reportage om till exempel att “Varje dag fängslas palestinska barn av israeliska soldater” […]

More Pallywood

Pallywood propaganda at its worst. Palestinian-Arab children are indoctrinated by their society to deliberately put themselves in harm’s way by provoking Israeli soldiers with insults, verbal abuse and physical attacks, hoping the soldiers will lose their cool and respond. Luckily the Israeli soldiers seem to regard this sort of idiocy as some kind of rank amateur reality-TV […]

The picture pro-Palestinian collaborators did NOT publish on YouTube

ISM and the other violent Palestinian fanatics are highly selective. They select the Jewish state – and only the Jewish state – for offensive treatment. There is a term for this kind of behaviour: it’s called anti-Semitism. They select only Jewish soldiers on whom to commit violent attacks – at the same time as they […]

Fjordman interviewed in Germany's Junge Freiheit

The perspective from both sides of the Islamist tsunami Read Norwegian blogger Fjordman’s article, published in German in Junge Freiheit and in English in the excellent Tundra Tabloids. The article should be compulsory reading for all European foreign ministers and all media and journalism students throughout Europe. Thanks to Fjordman and to Tundra Tabloids for their permission to […]

Something has happened at the BBC

In a landmark departure from normal practice, the BBC has produced and aired a documentary on Turkey’s action on board the Mavi Marara earlier this summer. What is remarkable about this “Panorama” current-affairs programme is that the documentary, presented by Jane Corbin, gives an objective, neutral and factual presentation of views from both sides. And […]

Suicide activists in the Gaza convoy

Watch the film, it explains it all in simple terms. The convoy transports and exports hatred of Jews, of Israel, of democracy, of the most basic tenets of human decency. Read also “In the Trenches” about how inhumane these “human rights” activists really are – when it comes to Jews. Read here a brief account of […]

The Islamists’ goal: propaganda through "martyrdom"

More proof that the Islamists on board the Turkish vessel Mava Marmara planned the deaths on the ship to generate propaganda bounty. Read the interview with the family of one of the deceased. His wife and children relate that Ali Aydar Bengi joined the convoy with the specific intention of dying on camera so as […]

Ship from Gaza

A disparate bunch of anti-democratic, dictator-supporting fanatical extremists and other peripheral organisations in Sweden are currently making waves (pardon the pun) about their plans to send a ship to Gaza. They claim that the purpose is to transport “necessities” to the Islamist enclave. Here’s how the organisers put it themselves: “Ship to Gaza is unaffiliated […]