Pallywash in a theatre near you

In Syria, where the country’s Muslim dictator is slaughtering his own citizens on a massive scale, the fatalities now total around 20,000. In Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia women are routinely murdered in what are euphemistically called “honour killings” after they have been brutally raped, surprisingly often by members of […]

The IOC disgrace

What does it take for well-paid (from public coffers) IOC officials to take a stance in favour of common decency and humanity? When will IOC officials choose right over evil? Apparently, never. Guri Weinberg, son of the Israeli athlete who was brutally tortured, castrated and murdered in the 1972 Munich Olympics by Palestinian terrorists aided by […]

Now we know…

… why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) flatly refused to hold a minute’s silence as a mark of respect for the 11 Israeli Olympic athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Munich, Germany, in 1972. One single photograph says it all: IOC President Jacques Rogge wearing a keffiyeh with the text “Palestine” printed boldly across it. […]

What do you mean, Palestinian Arab provocation?

Good job the Palestinian Arabs are not provocative in any way. This is very definitely NOT a photo that B’Tselem wishes to have made public – after all it shows an Israeli soldier with his hands behind his back while a Palestinian Arab thug is millimetres away from his face trying desperately to provoke him. […]

The antithesis of the Olympic spirit

The 2012 London Olympics are under way. IOC President Jacques Rogge consistently declined to hold a one-minute silence to honour the memories of the 11 Israeli Olympic athletes slain at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Israeli athletes were slaughtered – at the Olympic Games – by Palestinian terrorists. There is considerable evidence to suggest […]

Israeli Parliamentarian Haneen Zoabi: sedition or treason?

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel MK Haneen Zoabi is at it again: now she is blaming the civilian Israeli victims for the terror attack in Bulgaria that took their lives. They are guilty and deserving of death because they are citizens of the Jewish state, according to Zoabi. At what stage does sedition become treason or high […]

A few thoughts about naive western 'useful idiots'

Michael Coren aims a broadside at Danish terrorism supporter Andreas Ias and his collaborators and handlers. Idiots who are happy to travel to an open, democratic country like Israel in order to incite riots. Whose (usually publicly funded) mission is to score cheap points thanks to an inherently lazy media corps, instead of going where they […]

Who wants peace? And who definitely does not?

No words necessary. A pair of ears and a pair of eyes will do just fine. No need to insult your intelligence by trying to convince you – the film clips speak for themselves. See the video and draw your own conclusions. Now spread this clip!!! Read also: What exactly do the Palestinians want?

The Palestinians don't lie

The Palestinian Arabs and their collaborators in the West don’t lie. At least, not always. Yesterday they fired 48 missiles into civilian populations in southern Israel. One of their anti-tank missiles deliberately targeted a school bus, critically injuring one schoolchild. Today so far they have fired 18 missiles into civilian populations in southern Israel. This […]

Palestine Betrayed

Middle East analyst Daniel Pipes recently reviewed a book entitled “Palestine Betrayed” by Efraim Karsh. Read the review – and buy the book. It is the most thorough, the most objective, explanation of how the current Palestinian situation arose and how it is being manipulated. It explains, lucidly, dispassionately and backed by impressive research, how […]