Israel leads R&D, Hamas flies kites

After just 71 years, in Israel this is the latest cutting-edge development in clean energy with the smallest possible environmental footprint. All paid for by Israeli enterprise and developed by Israeli innovation. Meanwhile in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, which in the same 71 years have received more international aid than the entire post-war Marshall […]

Gibraltar is British – but Judea and Samaria cannot be Israeli

This business of keeping territory after winning it in war: where do we draw the line? Well, read Bret Stephens on the issue of Gibraltar, and it appears that no issue regarding territory taken in war is ever going to go to the UN for debate: not Gibraltar in Spain, not Tibet, not Ceuta and […]

Israeli Parliamentarian Haneen Zoabi: sedition or treason?

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel MK Haneen Zoabi is at it again: now she is blaming the civilian Israeli victims for the terror attack in Bulgaria that took their lives. They are guilty and deserving of death because they are citizens of the Jewish state, according to Zoabi. At what stage does sedition become treason or high […]

Who wants peace? And who definitely does not?

No words necessary. A pair of ears and a pair of eyes will do just fine. No need to insult your intelligence by trying to convince you – the film clips speak for themselves. See the video and draw your own conclusions. Now spread this clip!!! Read also: What exactly do the Palestinians want?

Christmas cheer – not for the Islamist world

Here are various insights into Christmas, Christmas peace and the politicisation of Christmas. 1. The Palestinian Authority (the PA) insists that Jesus was a Palestinian. Not only that, Jesus “spread his teachings [of Islam] in this land“, according to the revisionists in the Palestinian Authority – which is financed largely by the USA and the […]

The goal is not peace

“Peace is just a means to an end.” The goal, the end, is “Palestine”. That is what the Palestinian Authority (PA) wants. By which they mean the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Israel. That’s what Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’ representative says on TV. Openly. Visit […]

Obama’s intifada

Obama’s intifada continues to harvest lives Barack Hussein Obama may nominally be the president of the United States of America, but he is increasingly behaving like the representative of some particularly hard-line Islamist regime in the Middle East. It may explain why he signally fails to impose a single demand on the Palestinian Arabs. There […]

Silence and condemnation

Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007. More specifically, 250 Greenwich Street. It’s where the World Trade Center used to stand. The street is going to be renamed. Its new name: Osama bin Laden Plaza. You may not have heard about this. No international protests. No public demonstrations about the unsuitability of naming the site after […]

Swedish reporter's change of heart

Swedish photographer Donald Boström made waves in August this year when he abandoned his career as a photographer and instead tried his hand at journalism. It was a mistake. He does not write coherently, he fails in the elementary ABC of checking on sources, he is subjective and unable to be objective, and his pro-Palestinian […]