Who wants peace? And who definitely does not?

No words necessary. A pair of ears and a pair of eyes will do just fine. No need to insult your intelligence by trying to convince you – the film clips speak for themselves. See the video and draw your own conclusions. Now spread this clip!!! Read also: What exactly do the Palestinians want?

Christmas cheer – not for the Islamist world

Here are various insights into Christmas, Christmas peace and the politicisation of Christmas. 1. The Palestinian Authority (the PA) insists that Jesus was a Palestinian. Not only that, Jesus “spread his teachings [of Islam] in this land“, according to the revisionists in the Palestinian Authority – which is financed largely by the USA and the […]

Back to the classroom

What’s in a name? Who did what? Who was right? What are the mainstream media NOT telling? An excellent short film that explains the background to the “Ship to Gaza” terror-assistance project, told with a glint in the eye. A textbook example of how to present what others leave out. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4223912/inside-the-freedom-flotilla?playlist_id=87937 Read also: CAMERA: “Greta […]

This Palestinian issue is a complex one

The Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank want to create a second Palestinian Arab state alongside the first Palestinian Arab state of Jordan. Fair enough. They want to create their second Palestinian Arab state in the millennia-old Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria. Fair enough. In the civilized world, people who want something that isn’t […]

The music dies out as the West stumbles on towards its destiny

It’s OK to play music and dance in the streets to celebrate the massacre of civilians on 9/11, but illegal to play music and dance at your own wedding.Hamas, the government of the Gaza Strip This is no joke, and no exaggeration. Watch this video, made by a Palestinian Arab, which documents how Hamas kills […]

The thunderous Palestinian Arab silence

In early November 2009, an Israeli Jew, Ya’acov Teitel, was arrested by Israeli police on suspicion of terrorism. His alleged victims were Arabs, and his motivation was political: violence as a strategy for political gain. Here’s what the mainstream English-language Israeli press had to say: Jerusalem Post: “Analysis: How many Jewish terrorists are still out […]