Pro-Palestinian = anti-democratic

Sweden’s infamous “Palestinagrupperna”, a loose-knit organisation of social inepts who embrace far-left communist ideologies and who support some of the worst dictatorships in human history, is now turning its hand to international politics. Well, only one single aspect of international politics. It has launched a campaign to drum up opinion against Israeli membership of the […]

A noble cause?

So the Nobel Awards for 2009 have come and gone. US Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Hussein Obama – who was nominated for the prize within mere days of taking up office – arrived in Oslo, accepted the award and promptly left. Obama said that “the instruments of war do have a role to play […]

The Swedish Foreign Minister's Crusade Against Israel

Courtesy GraphJam: 165 murdered and more than 550 maimed in the space of a few hours. That was the result of yesterday’s Islamist attacks on Muslims in Iraq and Pakistan. In Iran, meanwhile, the nation was in virtual lockdown as the Islamist regime there clamped down on Muslims demanding democracy and the right to free […]