There’s the truth. And then there’s the mainstream media.

At some stage in our Western civilisation, we are simply going to have to acknowledge the elephant in the room: that Islamism is per definition irreconcilable with democracy.  Yes, this will immediately elicit howls of protest from PC “liberals” who, in the comfort of numbers, will band together to subvert the truth. But the fact […]

Enough already! Swedes have had enough anti-Israel media prejudice

On Sunday 9th December this year a rally was held outside the offices of Aftonbladet, a Swedish tabloid equally well known for its vicious anti-Israel stance as for its peddling of raw anti-Semitic vitriol. The theme of the rally was “Enough is Enough!” – no more media prejudice against the Jewish state, no more anti-Israel […]

What do you mean, Palestinian Arab provocation?

Good job the Palestinian Arabs are not provocative in any way. This is very definitely NOT a photo that B’Tselem wishes to have made public – after all it shows an Israeli soldier with his hands behind his back while a Palestinian Arab thug is millimetres away from his face trying desperately to provoke him. […]

Fjordman interviewed in Germany's Junge Freiheit

The perspective from both sides of the Islamist tsunami Read Norwegian blogger Fjordman’s article, published in German in Junge Freiheit and in English in the excellent Tundra Tabloids. The article should be compulsory reading for all European foreign ministers and all media and journalism students throughout Europe. Thanks to Fjordman and to Tundra Tabloids for their permission to […]

The truth only the media could miss

Question:When is the truth not the truth? Answer:When the media decide they want a different story. So here’s a story that bypasses the mainstream media – in order to guarantee that the truth gets out. It comes courtesy of the American Jewish Committee, AJCnyc. ( Five minutes and ten seconds. That’s all it will take […]