Instructions to Swedish journalists: "Spice it up with fiction"

“Spice it up with fiction”“Tell small lies”“Make it up”“Simple tricks for blending fact with fiction, telling half-lies and writing semi-literary works”This is how Swedish journalism’s king of the Radical Left, Jan Guillou, describes the recipe for achieving success in journalism. He goes on to state that today “most journalists (in Sweden) are better than in […]

Is Sweden anti-Semitic?

The answer is an emphatic “no”. There is no institutional anti-Semitism in Sweden. Among the vast majority of Swedes anti-Semitism provokes the same revulsion as all other forms of racism do. There are exceptions, however. One may safely discount the oddballs on the extreme Right – there are few people in Swedish society who would […]

Swedish independence in jeopardy

Who sets the political agenda in Sweden? And who actually holds the reins of power? A large number of Swedish Muslims, backed up by extremist supporters flooding in from Denmark, marched through the streets of Malmö in southern Sweden shouting the notorious Muslim battle-cry ”Khaiber, Khaiber ya yahud, ya’ish Muhammad saufa ya‘ud” (Khaiber, Khaiber, Oh […]