Sweden fishing in murky Hamas waters

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt wades through some very murky waters indeed. Before the weekend he breaks EU policy, meets with Hamas government ministers and declares “we believe the Palestinian government should be treated as a single entity”. Immediately after the weekend he somehow manages to forget everything Hamas stands for on his visit to […]

Revolutionary movements that can't seem to pass a motion

Our partners for peace the Fatah Palestinians under the secular Holocaust denier President Mahmud Abbas are having trouble with their partners in government, the Palestinians under the religious Sunni Hamas, who propose the right of return of Palestinian Arabs to lands they never lived in, from Arab lands that have consistently denied them citizenship and […]

What Iran wants

Iran is a volatile global problem. Like other dictatorships, it prizes respect. Respect comes through fear of the opponent’s strength. Israel has commanded respect through fear of its strength. Israel’s ever-faster slide into compliance with the short-term political expediencies of the US and EU has eroded regional perception of Israel’s strength. It upsets a balance […]

The strategy of accumulated abuse is permissible – depending on who you choose as its hapless victim

To the programming editors at Sky News,I wish to draw your attention to the following quote, as close to verbatim as I can manage: “These proceedings can take anything up to a year or a year and a half, but in the meantime the damage will have been well and truly done.” Mr al Bari, […]