Warmongering Iran upset about other countries “violating its territory”

It would be funny if it weren’t so terribly serious. Iran and its proxies acting on direct orders from Tehran are at war – in other countries’ sovereign territories – with: Yemen Saudi Arabia Iraq Syria Lebanon IsraelThey are also guilty of horrific terrorist attacks that have killed several hundred and wounded thousands in countries […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes Are Embarrassingly Transparent

Apparently Barack Obama is the President, Prime Minister and National Saviour of the Jewish state of Israel. He is also the Global Conscience of the entire world. In his own mind, at least. Yesterday, March 18th 2015, it became clear that: “The administration of President Barack Obama will not accept Netanyahu’s policy reversal since his […]

The diplomacy of bullies and double-standards

The diplomacy of bullies and double-standards Private conversation overheard over an open mike: President 1: “I can’t stand him. He’s a liar.” President 2: “You’re sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day.” All spoken privately but accidentally broadcast over an open mike. President 1 was Nicolas Sarkozy, the head of […]

Palestine: a study in uncontrolled addiction

This article was first published in “The Times of Israel” on December 2, 2013. Palestinian Arabs want a country of their own. They want to call it Palestine. Many people find this offensive. Which is strange. When the Palestinian Jews declared the independent Jewish state of Israel in 1948, with the backing of the majority […]

The expensive joke that is the UN

The UN is one of the most underrated – and expensive – comedy shows ever. UN member state the Philippines has been devasted by a recent typhoon, with huge loss of life and the eradication of many communities and population centres. UN member state Syria increasingly resembles an apocalyptic graveyard. UN member state Lebanon is […]

The Middle East Gamble

There’s a whole lot of head-scratching going on right now following US President Obama’s abrupt, some might say erratic, about-turn after discovery of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Some analysts allege cold feet, others suggest that Obama allows his craving for personal popularity to dictate his politics, while still others field various conspiracy […]

Here are the facts, draw your own conclusions

Few comments, more facts. Read, absorb, and draw your own conclusions as to where humanity is to be found and where systematic, government-sanctioned and EU-financed brutality is the order of the day. Tundra Tabloids has an interview with sergeant Edi Itelman, the Israeli military paramedic who came to the village of Itamar in the disputed […]

Global warming – Islamist style

Turkey threatens to send its warships to breach Egypt’s and Israel’s security cordon around the Gaza Strip, where the Hamas terrorist organisation holds sway. Iran has threatened to do the same and is said to be preparing an armada of warships to send to Gaza. That would require the Muslim nation of Egypt to open […]

The unholy new alliance

There is something deeply disturbing about the image. The US president, leader of what is frequently touted as the “free world”, echoing the same sentiments as the Islamist incumbent of the Turkish regime. The current incumbent in the White House, Hussein Obama, commented yesterday on Israel’s purported nuclear programme. He said that the Jewish state, […]