The EU's propensity for self-harm is mind-boggling

100,000 civilians have been slaughtered in the ongoing Syrian civil war, and another 2.8 million – that’s 2,800,000 people – have been rendered homeless, refugees in their own state or having abandoned everything and fled to neighbouring countries such as Turkey, the Lebanon and Jordan. The 10-million-strong Coptic Christian minority of Egypt suffered unspeakable atrocities […]

Soon the whole world will be one gigantic mosque

It’s what’s known as the Caliphate. Recently a unilateral decision was taken by UNESCO, yet another of these myriad UN organisations owned and operated by pan-Islamist interests, to classify Rachel’s Tomb in Hebron in the Judean Hills as a mosque. You didn’t read wrong – history can be rewritten at will. Provided, of course, it […]