EU "logic"

The EU’s Mideast Policy: Land that at some stage in history made up the Kingdom of Israel is not part of Israel. Land that even in recent history did not belong to Arabs is not part of Israel. Land that never in history belonged to Arabs is also not part of Israel. You’ve got to […]

In “Palestine”, it’s business as usual

In Japan, a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami has caused a huge death toll, enormous numbers of people are injured and missing, and much of the island nation’s infrastructure in the affected area has been smashed beyond recognition. For the rest of the world, it’s business as usual: all civilised nations immediately and unquestioningly diverted […]

Pop-quiz for peace

First there were howls of protest because Jews in Israel dared build a security barrier to shield themselves from maniacal homicide bombers out to kill Jews because they were Jews. The protesters – the Arabs, the Arabists and the Left – insisted that the problem was that it was not right to build a barrier […]