A view from Sweden: Sullying Raoul Wallenberg’s reputation

(A version of the following article was published as an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post on June 29, 2012) Raoul Wallenberg’s grandnephew Michael Wernstedt’s stance on Israeli policy in the West Bank is troubling. Sweden’s Raoul Wallenberg was the epitome of selflessness, bravery and principle. He refused to be silent in the face of evil, […]

Death in the Sinai Desert

Here’s something you won’t find Sweden’s infamous ‘reporter’ Donald Boström writing about, or Sweden’s infamous daily newspaper Aftonbladet publishing: The Sinai Bedouin engage in systematic – and documented – racism against black Africans, both Muslim and Christian, including rape, torture, human trafficking, drug peddling, organ harvesting and murder on an industrial scale. CNN reporter Fred […]

(Im)morality guardians in Gaza

Gaza’s (im)morality guardians have spoken. Not in words but in actions. They did so by torching a UN summer camp for children. The reason? Girls attending the summer camp were participating in “immoral acts” by learning to dance, improve their physical fitness and engage in other similar forms of depravity, degenerate behaviour and outrageous moral […]

Sweden’s Diakonia rescues Gaza!

Is Sweden’s Diakonia blind? Diakonia’s Secretary-General Bo Forsberg intends to sail to Gaza to “aid” the population there. He writes that the “population has to survive on meagre rations” and that the Israeli – and international – blockade is causing the civilian population a lot of indescribable hardship. Visit the Israel i Sverige website and […]

Diakonia by numbers

The following experiment using search engine Google reveals some highly interesting results. Diakonia is a Swedish church organisation that professes to have the interests of the downtrodden at heart. What is revealing is whose interests it supports, and whose it utterly ignores. It turns out that its main – some would say only – focus […]

Swedish “Christian Aid” organisation Diakonia breaks the law – and every moral code

Hundreds of articles involving Swedish “Christian Aid” organisation Diakonia and the “desperate situation in Gaza”. Fruit stall in “Desperate Gaza“ Hundreds of articles by Diakonia about the “Israeli assault on Gaza’s civilians” in Operation Cast Lead last year. According to Diakonia there was no reason for Israel’s actions whatsoever – 10,000 missiles from Gaza fired […]

A noble cause?

So the Nobel Awards for 2009 have come and gone. US Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Hussein Obama – who was nominated for the prize within mere days of taking up office – arrived in Oslo, accepted the award and promptly left. Obama said that “the instruments of war do have a role to play […]

In Sweden, silence is golden – literally

Just ask Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt The gold is in the form of Swedish tax revenues paid dutifully by hard-working Swedes lucky enough to still have a job. That gold is used by the Swedish government. Not for the Swedish population but for the Palestinian Arab population. 700 million kronor per annum, and increasing […]

Sweden's Diakonia aid agency wages war against Israel

It is unreasonable to provide information about the Holocaust, in which Hitler murdered six million civilian Jews in a meticulously planned industrialised process, without at the same time providing information about “al Naqba”. These words mean “The Catastrophe” and refer to the 400,000 to 750,000 Palestinian Arabs who became refugees in 1948 when, backed by […]