Hamas turns on its own people

Today Hamas executed two Palestinian Arabs by firing squad. The move was met by strong protests from Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights organisations, which characterised the operation as illicit. The two men were charged with collaborating with Israel. Hamas has previously executed several Palestinian Arabs charged with collaborating with Fatah, a rival Palestinian Arab […]

The EU goes to school and learns nothing

Catherine Ashton is high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and vice president of the European Commission. At considerable public expense (she and her extensive retinue are funded by European taxpayers), she recently traveled to the Gaza Strip on what she termed was a mission “to see whether European assistance […]

Strange priorities

You’re at work. A murderer from the next town breaks into your home, slaughters your entire family and while he is in the process of breaking into your neighbour’s home to continue on his rampage, the police arrive. The murderer resists arrest, starts shooting at the officers and is himself killed in the exchange of […]

With Jihadi Islam, everyone's a loser

It seems the world is gradually accepting the need to identify problems accurately instead of baptising them with politically correct euphemisms. The Swiss decided in a referendum to ban the construction of minarets on mosques. Many – but far from all – mosques are increasingly regarded as fertile breeding-grounds for Islamist fanatics peddling a sinister […]