Lies, damned lies

It’s a simple question really: is objectivity even remotely possible when reporting on the Middle East? Or is it simply that only pathological liars, idiots, racists and jihad supporters are involuntarily drawn to practise their peculiar brand of “journalism” in the Middle East? Richard Goldstone is not the only liar in the business when it […]

The new Swedish anti-Semitism: Islamism

Britain’s BBC is not exactly renowned for being an avid supporter of Israel. It’s not even known for showing empathy regarding Britain’s own Jewish population. Yet listen here to an objective BBC report on the new anti-Semitism in Sweden. The new Swedish anti-Semitism is spelled “Islamism”. The vast majority of Swedish Muslims may well be […]

The BBC has forgotten that journalism is about reporting the truth, not "creating" it

The history of biased BBC reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict has seldom been paralleled by anything as offensively prejudiced as John Simpson’s piece. The epitome of his strong anti-Israel bias can be seen not least in his use of the age-old tactic of reversing events and timelines. He writes that “by the spring an Israeli […]

The BBC continues to wage war against Israel

On Tuesday the world witnessed yet another atrocity perpetrated by young British Muslims against innocent civilians and non-combatants, following in the footsteps of actions such as the attack against the USS Cole, the beheading of Daniel Pearl and the attempted shoe-bombing of a civilian airliner. Yet the BBC continues its highly one-sided reporting as though […]