Moderation, peace and understanding Kuwaiti style

Want to take the temperature of the more ‘moderate’ Arab world? Go to Kuwait. Here’s Kuwaiti Journalist Dr. ‘Issam ‘Abd Al-Latif Al-Fulaij writing in an article on March 8, 2010: “The Jews Understand Nothing but Force; They Mistreated Eichmann, After He Tried to Help Them.” No need to check your calendar – this was not […]

Is Homer Simpson more objective than Hussein Obama is?

When presidential candidate Hussein Obama needed votes to secure what is arguably the most powerful position in global politics, he had no hesitation in visiting Jerusalem. Today, however, secure in his position for the next couple of years at least, he has no need for Jewish – or indeed democratic – support and has gone […]

Peace in our time

Finally, peace is in the offing in the Middle East. And it’s all thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. The man who took the presidency of the United States and turned it into an agency of the AIF. The AIF? That’s right. The Arab Intransigence Front. Did I say “peace”? Sorry, I meant “change”. The AIF […]

Obama’s intifada

Obama’s intifada continues to harvest lives Barack Hussein Obama may nominally be the president of the United States of America, but he is increasingly behaving like the representative of some particularly hard-line Islamist regime in the Middle East. It may explain why he signally fails to impose a single demand on the Palestinian Arabs. There […]

A composite view of the Middle East

Take a look at the state of play from the vantage points as far apart as Scandinavia, the USA, and inside the Middle East itself. A Finnish blogger, KGS of Tundra Tabloids, brings this story of how Church organizations in Finland and Sweden routinely engage in spine-chillingly anti-Semitic trips that are funded partly by the […]

Silence and condemnation

Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007. More specifically, 250 Greenwich Street. It’s where the World Trade Center used to stand. The street is going to be renamed. Its new name: Osama bin Laden Plaza. You may not have heard about this. No international protests. No public demonstrations about the unsuitability of naming the site after […]

With Jihadi Islam, everyone's a loser

It seems the world is gradually accepting the need to identify problems accurately instead of baptising them with politically correct euphemisms. The Swiss decided in a referendum to ban the construction of minarets on mosques. Many – but far from all – mosques are increasingly regarded as fertile breeding-grounds for Islamist fanatics peddling a sinister […]

The music dies out as the West stumbles on towards its destiny

It’s OK to play music and dance in the streets to celebrate the massacre of civilians on 9/11, but illegal to play music and dance at your own wedding.Hamas, the government of the Gaza Strip This is no joke, and no exaggeration. Watch this video, made by a Palestinian Arab, which documents how Hamas kills […]