Tenors for Terror

Ahmedido Domingo, Erdogano Pavarotti and Assad Carreras in beautiful harmony. Enjoy courtesy of Latma TV. And after the fun, here’s the REALLY worrying part: Read Bret Stephens who in Commentary Magazine writes about how Iran does not seem stoppable. Islamism – soon in a suburb near you. Read Greg Sheridan in The Australian who writes about how the […]

Martyrs at sea, commandos on land

Two weeks have gone since the global jihadist movement under Turkey’s leadership declared open war on the Jewish state of Israel. Now Jihadism’s commandos in the Muslim world and their behind-the-lines collaborators in the Western world are lining up to make their contribution to the global war against Israel. They are being aided by Jihadism’s […]

The voice of reason

Zvi Mazel, former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Sweden and Romania, has authored a sharp and insightful analysis of the Obama doctrine. Or, if truth be told, the abysmal lack of doctrine. Ambassador Mazel writes about Obama’s appeasement of some of the most violent human rights abusers and anti-democratic regimes in the Islamic world, at the […]

The Islamists’ goal: propaganda through "martyrdom"

More proof that the Islamists on board the Turkish vessel Mava Marmara planned the deaths on the ship to generate propaganda bounty. Read the interview with the family of one of the deceased. His wife and children relate that Ali Aydar Bengi joined the convoy with the specific intention of dying on camera so as […]

Who likes Hamas?

Not the Israelis – here’s how inhumanely Hamas toys with Jewish lives almost four years after the terrorist organisation kidnapped an Israeli teenager, Gilad Schalit, from inside Israel. Since then the boy has been held incarcerated in an underground bunker without being allowed to see sunlight – an achievement of which Hamas is inordinately proud. […]

Pro-Palestinian = anti-democratic

Sweden’s infamous “Palestinagrupperna”, a loose-knit organisation of social inepts who embrace far-left communist ideologies and who support some of the worst dictatorships in human history, is now turning its hand to international politics. Well, only one single aspect of international politics. It has launched a campaign to drum up opinion against Israeli membership of the […]

The view from Scandinavia

In Washington, Hussein Obama is going all-out to impose an anti-Israel solution against Israel. He envisions peace with something he terms “the Palestinians” as though they are (1) a homogeneous group, (2) an ethnic group distinct from all other Arabs, (3) interested in striking a deal that recognises the rights of their Jewish neighbours and (4) capable […]

Hamas turns on its own people

Today Hamas executed two Palestinian Arabs by firing squad. The move was met by strong protests from Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights organisations, which characterised the operation as illicit. The two men were charged with collaborating with Israel. Hamas has previously executed several Palestinian Arabs charged with collaborating with Fatah, a rival Palestinian Arab […]

The unholy new alliance

There is something deeply disturbing about the image. The US president, leader of what is frequently touted as the “free world”, echoing the same sentiments as the Islamist incumbent of the Turkish regime. The current incumbent in the White House, Hussein Obama, commented yesterday on Israel’s purported nuclear programme. He said that the Jewish state, […]