Why isn’t there peace in and around Israel?

Pat Condell has the answers in the following video. And as usual the answers are glaringly obvious – so simple and straightforward that only career politicians and journalists could miss them. Some key quotes from the video: “The Arabs don’t hate Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because of Jews.” “The world needs to […]

The truth about refugees in the Middle East

Watch this admirably short and factual film about the origins of refugees in the Middle East and the cynicism that has perpetuated a human tragedy for 63 long years. Danny Ayalon, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Israel, explains why there still are Arab refugees from the 1948 pan-Arab onslaught against the Jewish state. He explains […]

The “Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”? Get a grip on the facts!

The biggest bluff in modern times: the myth of a “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict. From the very outset to this very day, the conflict has been about an entirely different issue, whose least important ingredients are Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews, today’s Israelis. From the very outset to this very day, the real issue has been the […]