EU "logic"

The EU’s Mideast Policy: Land that at some stage in history made up the Kingdom of Israel is not part of Israel. Land that even in recent history did not belong to Arabs is not part of Israel. Land that never in history belonged to Arabs is also not part of Israel. You’ve got to […]

Entertainment, Egyptian style

It’s just so great to know that the Egyptians are at peace with Israel. This video from MEMRI-TV shows the kind of raw anti-Semitism that passes for “entertainment” in Egypt’s Al Nahar TV. Beating up women, threatening them with guns and making coarse racist comments is all regarded as hugely funny – if the recipients of this […]

The Swedish Board of Migration backs down

Swedish Board of Migration loses its precedent-setting anti-Israel case. In a landmark victory for democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and sound common sense, the Swedish Board of Migration has turned tail and decided to reinstate sacked employee Mr Lennart Eriksson. This after a senior officer at the Board of Migration, Mr Eugène Palmér, launched […]