UN-sponsored aid destroyed in Gaza by EU-sponsored Hamas

EU-financed groups are destroying UN-financed infrastructure in Gaza.  Silence from the world community. Of course, it is Islamist Muslims who are behind the destruction of UN-financed property, not Israeli Jews, so naturally there is nothing to write about in the world media, nothing for world statesmen to posture about on the political stage.  The EU is one […]

Martyrs at sea, commandos on land

Two weeks have gone since the global jihadist movement under Turkey’s leadership declared open war on the Jewish state of Israel. Now Jihadism’s commandos in the Muslim world and their behind-the-lines collaborators in the Western world are lining up to make their contribution to the global war against Israel. They are being aided by Jihadism’s […]

Revealing figures

Statistics can be revealing. Comparative statistics can be even more revealing. Like the following, for instance: About 18 months ago, 10,000 rockets fired on Israel by the Hamas regime in Gaza over a period of eight years prompted Israel to finally respond to the constant barrage. Even the most partial, the most pro-Palestinian and most pro-Hamas analysts […]

Suicide activists in the Gaza convoy

Watch the film, it explains it all in simple terms. The convoy transports and exports hatred of Jews, of Israel, of democracy, of the most basic tenets of human decency. Read also “In the Trenches” about how inhumane these “human rights” activists really are – when it comes to Jews. Read here a brief account of […]

Impartial, transparent international investigation into Turkey’s guilt

An impartial, transparent international investigation is needed into Turkey’s guilt over the deaths of nine people and the injuries suffered by scores of others last week. The Turkish regime planned, organised and financed the international aggression against UN member state Israel. Its aggression was aimed at breaking the blockade against the supply of rockets and other […]

Cruise to Gaza’s Olympic swimming pool

A few days ago Gaza’s Hamas rulers destroyed a UN summer camp for young children because girls were allowed to attend the camp. The extremist Islamist organisation does not believe that girls are entitled to education or that they should enjoy the same human rights as men do.  Now Swedish, Irish, Turkish and other Islamist […]

15-year-old Swedish girl dying in Gaza

15-year-old Swede Miriam Nowajha will soon slip into a coma. Miriam, who together with her four siblings aged 6-16 was kidnapped and has been incarcerated in Gaza since June, suffers from Type 1 diabetes and is about to die. Miriam has no more facilities for testing her blood-sugar level. Without knowing her blood-sugar level, she […]