The UN sleeps while Turkey, Iran, Hizbollah, Russia and Assad obliterate Syrian civilians

Why do we even bother to keep the morally corrupt UN alive?
The UN can only stay alive because member states pay their annual fees.
But for what are those fees used?
Well, here’s a hint:
Syria is being relentlessly obliterated by a vicious cabal consisting of the Shia Iranian regime, Russia, the Alawite Syrian butcher Assad, Iran’s proxy army Hizbollah, and Sunni Turkey.
The only country in the region consistently providing free medical care to Syrian victims irrespective of political affiliation, gender, ethnicity, or religion, is Israel. You know, the Jewish state of Israel.
Turkey’s role in the ongoing massacres is particularly vile: as a proud propagator of ethnic cleansing and genocide, the Turkish regime – which incidentally has the highest percentage of imprisoned journalists in the world – has decided that its genocide against Kurds inside Turkey isn’t quite enough. So Turkey has invaded Syria and is massacring the Kurds of Efrin. Because Efrin is too close to the Turkish border, and Turkey doesn’t want Kurds living too close to Turkey.
The UN has remained remarkably silent throughout – despite reports of the illegal use of chemical weapons, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the targeting of civilians as a tool both to shield military personnel and also to drive away civilians.
The UN is saving its energy, waiting to go on the offensive in case a Jew called Moshe decides to put up new wallpaper in his living room in Jerusalem, or in case another Jew called Sarah decides to visit her sister Rebecca in Hebron. You know Hebron – the Jewish city in the Jewish province of Judea that was ethnically cleansed of all Jews by the Islamist Jordanians in 1948, before Israel retook the city in 1967 and guaranteed equal freedom of worship to everyone, whether Jew, Christian or Muslim.
The UN is the most morally corrupt body in the modern world. From her tax revenue-purchased seat on the UN Security Council, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot “the Jews are out to get me” Wallström has spoken very little about Syria and done even less about Turkey. Most of her energy is spent on castigating the Jewish state of Israel. The state to which Syrians turn to get essential and free medical aid. Medical aid necessitated as a result of the massacres carried out amidst UN inaction…
Democratic states need to pull out of the UN. There’s a whole lot of good we could do with that money. Not for ourselves, but for the victims of historic – and ongoing – UN abuse.

Not Martial Law But…

Masked, heavily armed paramilitary-type forces now guard the outside of police stations in Malmö to prevent them from being shot up using assault rifles, attacked with grenades/rocket launchers, and fire-bombed.
No, this is not martial law, just the routine everyday situation in a country where 54 zones across the country are now classified as “no-go zones” or “distressed areas”, depending on how politically correct or honest you choose to be. Accordingly, depending on how politically correct you choose to be, you will read the above article and see that the extraordinary police action targets what is referred to as a “criminal” problem, but you may also quite possibly draw a different and more realistic conclusion as to the nature and driving force of these “criminals”.
Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, where about 25-30 percent of the population is classified as “new arrivals” or “fairly new arrivals” to Sweden from overseas, overwhelmingly from Muslim nations.
This is the new Sweden, which our politicians assure us is doing very well indeed, and anyone who says different is denounced as a racist. Overnight, the Swedish government solved the problem of inadequate academic qualifications among recent migrants/asylum-seekers to these shores, and it took just one day to accomplish this landmark achievement.
How, you may ask? Simple: Sweden now accepts the qualifications of anyone claiming to have an advanced academic qualification from largely war-torn, lawless and bureaucratically non-functioning countries like Syria, Somalia and Iraq, countries which by sheer coincidence also happen to rank among the highest in the world regarding bribery as a way of life. Nonetheless, as of today Monday, Sweden now has several thousand academics that we did not have yesterday, Sunday. The country makes huge progress, even over the weekend.
This is how this amateur Swedish government solves its self-inflicted problems: by ignoring the problems, but masking them with semantics and statistics.
In the same way, we also don’t have any unemployment. In fact, we actually have a severe shortage of people to fill vacancies in the (wait for it) public sector. In this election year, we’re talking about taxpayer-financed jobs created by the socialist central government to fill unemployment gaps. Last week it was revealed that pensions had been raised by a few dollars, almost the price of two loaves of bread for most pensioners. Per month. Did I mention that the elections are to be held this September?
Don’t get me wrong, some of these jobs truly are needed: following the massive influx of new arrivals from mostly Muslim countries who do not/will not/cannot yet (owing to their young age) work, we need plenty of government-paid people to cater for their needs.
Statistically, however, fewer people are actually producing anything in the private sector in the new Sweden, at the same time as more and more people are being hired in the Swedish public sector to satisfy the desires of an expanding public sector that does not/will not/cannot yet actually do any productive work.
So although we now have paramilitary-type police guarding our own police force, there is nobody to guard the nation’s future.
And no, this is not a rant against immigration or the highly lucrative asylum industry. It is very definitely a stern criticism of the abysmal failure of our nation’s leaders to even begin to integrate any of the people we have brought in, while bringing in even more over a period of ten years or more. Sweden has signally failed to integrate its recent arrivals, while exacerbating the problem by bringing in even more new arrivals that have no chance of integration, only of endemic segregation.
Sweden has created a ticking time-bomb whose components include social and financial segregation, a total lack of integration, insufficient transparency, non-existent security checks, academic alienation, total abandonment of the native population, unwillingness to convey even the most basic moral and social codes to newcomers, and the sacrifice of free speech on the altar of Political Correctness.
Watch this space a few years down the line.

Perpetuating EU failure in order to combat fresh US thinking. Because Trump…

Today two more or less simultaneous images are etched into my mind.
The first is Mike Pence’s superb poise and diplomatic elegance following the retrograde behaviour of Arab Members of the Knesset as they disrupted the US Vice-President’s historic speech at the Knesset. The US Vice-President went on to commend Israel for its vibrant democracy, where heads of state come and go in accordance with election results.

US Vice-President was the very essence of diplomacy and poise during the Arab MKs’ outburst at the Knesset.

The second is the retrograde comments of EU tsarinna Mogherini as she engages in tongue-kissing with terrorist chieftain Abbas and assures him of the EU’s dedication to combating the US. Abbas is currently in the 13th year of his 4-year mandate, without the inconvenience of elections in the interim. This does not in any way bother the EU.

Mogherini appears to close her eyes in delighted schoolgirl anticipation as terrorist cheiftain Abbas grasps her to his bosom.

Pence came to talk about ways of breaking decades of fatal deadlock and the need to face reality, to the benefit of the entire region.
Mogherini came to talk about ways of maintaining the status quo, so that more Arab and Israeli deaths could be assured in the future.
Pence came to talk about using financial inducements as a way of bringing unnecessary killing to an end, Mogherini came to talk about spending even more EU tax revenues as a means of maintaining the PA killing machine – its lethal Murder for Money industry. An industry paid for by unwilling EU citizens.
Never has the difference between fresh new thinking and tired, trite, time-serving policy been thrown into sharper contrast.

Iran moves in on Europe

After Iran’s successful takeover of the Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and the Yemen, it now has its sights firmly set on a new intermediary prize – Europe – on its way to its ultimate prize: Israel.
It’s the classic pincer movement that is as noticeable as the nose on your face, but which which Europe is bending over backwards not to notice.
As a European politician, you’d have to be unbelievably selfish, self-serving, unprincipled, amoral and clinically short-sighted not to acknowledge that the mullahs’ regime in Teheran is a threat.
Not just to the Lebanon, which it already owns via its terrorist Hezbollah subsidiary.
Nor just Iraq, most of which it also owns and runs via a range of Shia militias and proxies.
Nor just Syria and the Yemen, where Iran is steadily spreading its military, commercial and industrial tentacles.
But also Europe. All of Europe.
Thanks to Obama’s unbelievably foolish largesse, a largesse fuelled as much by puerile spite as by frightening naivete, Iran now commands billions of dollars in previously frozen assets. Iran promptly used these massive funds to

  1. terrorise the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Yemen, the Lebanon and Israel, and
  2. purchase massive, absolutely massive, commercial and industrial contracts with revenue-hungry and job-hungry companies and corporations in the West, primarily within the EU.

The first group – the countries of the Middle East – has been successfully subjugated militarily with the exception of Israel, and it is working steadily – and openly – in that direction. The second group – the countries of the EU – has been even more successfully subjugated financially. Because any whiff of EU criticism against Teheran and huge contracts will be frozen or even cancelled. And there is no vote-hungry EU politician who is going to risk that.
Now we’ve moved into the third phase: direct, overt, military threats to Europe, just in case there is any politician who hasn’t quite got the message: Iran can and will extend the range of its offensive missiles to target Europe should Europe say or do anything to displease the mullahs as they continue on their inexorable march toward Jerusalem. Because that is what these threats are about: Teheran is simply clearing the ground for free action vis-a-vis Israel, without European interference. Iran is not interested in Europe per se, just in European silence and inaction as Iran muscles in on Israel.
So don’t worry, we won’t see any Iranian missiles landing in Berlin or London or Paris – because Europe’s politicians are already frantically booking first-class flights to Teheran to beg the mullahs not to attack them but to concentrate on something “safe” to which everyone can agree to turn a blind eye:
Yes, you guessed right. the Jewish state of Israel. Not necessarily because our European political leaders are anti-Semitic, but simply because Israel is a convenient emergency get-out-of-jail-free card that can be used any time they feel under threat themselves.
Like right now, when Teheran threatens Europe militarily so as to ensure a free field of fire against Israel.
You don’t have to be a chess grand master to see the methodical pattern of Iranian thinking and action. And you know what? They’re quite right – Europe will do whatever it takes to safeguard those jobs, those contracts, held by the mullahs in Teheran.
Israel will pay for those jobs in Britain, France, Germany and elsewhere.
But Israel will not pay silently. Like it or not, using Israel as bait is going to cost Europe dearly. Because the days of “local” wars are over – we live in a globalised world. If Israel is manipulated by Europe into a confrontation with Iran by a Europe too cowardly to stand up to the mullahs as they are being threatened by Iranian missiles, that confrontation is also going to impact Europe. All of Europe. In countless ways – financial, commercial, industrial, military. Because that’s the way of the world today, the globalised world.
It’s going to take a courageous European leader to acknowledge this. Note that I do not write it will take a courageous European leader to SEE this. They all see it. They just don’t acknowledge it – doing so would cost too much in Iranian-held contracts that directly impact European jobs, income, stability, votes.
Europe is in dire need of a new breed of political leader who agrees to lead.
Not follow Iran’s lead.

Swedish tax revenues fund Arab terrorism against Jews

This is the text of a speech I recorded, which was given at a rally outside the Swedish House of Parliament in Stockholm on Sunday 5th November.
The rally was organised by Tobias Petersson of Perspective on Israel (PPI). Tobias has previously written on a wide range of subjects relating to Sweden’s discriminatory treatment of the Jewish state, including in The Jerusalem Post.

Thank you for inviting me to speak, I am really honoured to be addressing this Perspective on Israel audience today from Gothenburg in Sweden.
Sweden is the country that gave the world Strindberg, Alfred Nobel, beloved children’s author Astrid Lindgren, IKEA, Volvo and much, much more.
But Sweden is a whole lot more more besides.
For instance, Sweden is probably the only Western, nominally democratic, country that is currently engaged in multiple wars. All financed by an extremist government that freely uses Swedish tax revenues to further its political agenda at home and abroad.
The Swedish government’s first war is against Israel. The day after it took office in autumn 2014, the government announced its recognition of something called “Palestine”, with absolutely no strings attached. No demands for a stop to the Palestinian Authority’s intrinsic anti-Semitism, its genocidal violence against Jews, its indoctrination of vulnerable young Arab children, its abuse of sporting, educational and cultural contexts to vilify the Jewish state of Israel. Sweden could have stopped all this by conditioning its financial and diplomatic aid on an end to such activities. Instead, the Swedish government actively chose not to impose any conditions on the use of Swedish tax revenues by the Palestinian Authority.
The Swedish government’s second war is against all measures that have any chance of bringing about coexistence or peace for Israel. Sweden actively supports efforts to encourage Palestinian Arab intransigence, including massive funding of educational and cultural activities that condemn new generations of Arab children to an upbringing steeped in hatred and racism. The Freedom Theatre is just one way in which Sweden ensures that future generations of Arab children remain firmly stuck in the moral morass of anti-Semitism, hatred, violence and rejection of peaceful coexistence.
The Swedish government’s third war is against its own Jewish citizens and their indelible links to their families in Israel. This can be seen perhaps most clearly in the actions of former Swedish housing minister, the Islamist Mehmet Kaplan, who announced his first policy decision back in autumn 2014 as – I quote – the “liberation of Jerusalem”. The Jewish city of Jerusalem – ALL of Jerusalem, was to be liberated from Jews, by Muslims. This as the official foreign policy of the Swedish government. On its first day in government.
What can we do about all this? Answer: we can build up enough steam in the court of public opinion to bring down the Swedish government by taking it to court. The European Court of Human Rights. On account of its repeated efforts to sabotage peace, condemn future generations of Muslims and Jews to continued violence, and embezzle tax revenues in order to pursue these policies.
It is a moral imperative that Sweden’s war against Israel – fought with Swedish tax revenues, in diplomatic missions, on theatre stages, in public schools – be stopped. Because that war is inextricably linked with its other two wars – against peace and against its own citizens.
Probably the best way of getting this legal process off the ground is by prefacing it with a public hearing into Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and her single-minded obsession with vilifying Israel. Islamist-inspired anti-Semitism in Sweden is spiralling out of control, including public calls in some mosques to – I quote – “kill the Jews wherever they are found”. This kind of rabid anti-Semitism from a sizeable Islamist minority has been routinely ignored as just “the jargon of that culture” – while identical anti-Semitism uttered by a tiny neo-Nazi idiotic minority has attracted loud government condemnation. The discrepancy in responses is remarkable. Yet despite Sweden’s ongoing domestic social implosion, the only consistent government policy does not even relate to domestic issues but to a foreign one – namely criticism of Israel.
The motor behind this support for Islamist anti-Semitism both domestically in Sweden and overseas against Israel, is Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. She drives the Swedish government obsession with demonising the Jewish state of Israel – because it is a state for Jews. She was instrumental in recognising a “Palestinian” state without demanding any concessions on the part of this new-found “state” – such as a stop to indoctrination, violence and anti-Semitism. And she has been instrumental in driving a consistently anti-Israel agenda in various UN and other international forums, including side-lining Jewish history in documented historical and religious sites such as Hebron and Jerusalem, instead recognising these as exclusively “Palestinian” heritage sites.
Sweden’s active support for anti-Israel activity is not merely limited to the diplomatic arena – Sweden actively funds anti-Israel terrorism. For instance in the form of continued support for UNRWA, from whose premises terrorist attacks are routinely carried out against Israeli civilians. In 2016 alone, Sweden gave more than 60 million US dollars to UNRWA. UNRWA schools have been used as staging-grounds for Hamas attack tunnels into Israeli territory. As recently as Monday 30th October 2017, a terrorist tunnel was blown up inside Israel by the army. Yet Sweden continues its funding of UNRWA.
Margot Wallström has gone on record as blaming the Islamist Paris terror attacks on – I quote again – “Palestinian despair”. Nobody else in the world makes such a ridiculous claim – not even the Palestinian terrorist organisations themselves. In a rare 2016 debate in parliament the Swedish government claimed that discussing Sweden’s contribution to Palestinian Authority racism and violence only served to – I quote again – “pour oil on the fire, further polarising the issue”. In other words, concealing Sweden’s funding of Palestinian Authority terrorism is desirable government policy, whereas openly discussing Swedish government funding of terrorism is apparently what promotes the terrorism that Sweden is funding … this is logic-defying in its absurdity.
Margot Wallström routinely refers to Israeli police responses to armed terrorist attacks as – quote – “extrajudicial killings”. However, she never refers to British, French or Belgian police responses to armed terrorist attacks as “extrajudicial killings”. This antagonistic wording is only reserved for the Jewish state’s measures to protect itself. Negatively singling out Jews in this way is more commonly defined by the term “anti-Semitism” – which is the official UN definition. Margot Wallström thus contravenes the UN’s own norms.
Sweden provides direct aid to the Palestinian Authority to the tune of 100 million dollars annually, in addition to several hundred million dollars through a variety of other channels such as the SIDA overseas aid agency, various UN bodies and so on. The PA’s annual salary and lifetime pension budget for convicted terrorists and mass-murderers is 350 million dollars. One such mass-murderer is Sbarro pizzeria bomber Ahlam Tamimi. She aided the bomber in his mission, which killed 15 civilians including eight children. Tamimi has expressed disappointment that her mission did not kill more children – and after her release from Israeli prison she was rewarded with her own show on state-run Palestinian Authority TV. Sweden funds the Palestinian Authority.
All this speaks of an unnatural obsession against the Jewish state. A public hearing in Stockholm to put Margot Wallström in the dock would be a useful start to what must come after – removal of the extremist Swedish government from power by legal means.
For the sake of taxpaying Swedes, for the sake of current and future generations of Palestinian Arab children who deserve to be lifted out of the hatred that Swedish tax revenues finance, and for the sake of current and future generations of Israelis both young and old who pay the price with their blood for the hatred, racism and violence that the Swedish government funds on a massive scale.
This is not a call for murmurs of assent, it is a call for action.
There are lives at stake here. Lives that can be saved if Margot Wallström and her extremist Swedish government can be forced to publicly account for their dealings. Not least their massive abuse of public funds to promote anti-Israel terrorism.
Thank you for listening.

Gothenburg survived; Gothenburg's taxpayers didn't

Thanks to a well-organised police strategy and well-executed security measures, Gothenburg’s Nazi demo ended with remarkably few incidents, bearing in mind what could have happened.
True to our predictions, it was not the Nazis who created the relatively few and relatively limited incidents of violence, but the Leftist and Anarchist so-called counter-demonstrators. Who were there not so much to demonstrate against the pathetic Nazis, but rather to have some “fun” attacking the police. Which they did.
Responding with impressive calm and good planning, the police boxed in the Nazis after they failed to turn up at their allotted venue – the racists tried to bypass the security arrangements by gathering at a different location. The only effect this had was that they failed to get to their allotted venue at all until the time allowed for their demo ran out, after which they were ignominiously forced to turn back and get out of town. Their leader was arrested for violence against a police officer.
True to style, their Leftist and Anarchist opponents, some of them waving Kalashnikov-decorated Hezbollah, Hamas and Fatah flags, then chose to attack the police with rocks, firecrackers and rockets.
All in all about 60 people were either detained or arrested (there is a legal distinction). In some cases, prior to the demonstrations uniformed police swooped down on groups of black-clad, masked Anarchists and took them off the streets simply for being there, as legislation allowed for the police to take such preventive measures.
There were no incidents anywhere near the synagogue, and services were able to proceed entirely without problem the entire day. There were no cases of any Jews being attacked on their way to or from the synagogue, although one beggar hurled an anti-Semitic epithet at a Jew who did not give him any money – hardly surprising since no observant Jew would be carrying money on Yom Kippur. No member of the public responded to the anti-Semitic tirade, and the victim walked on to the synagogue with his family.
Throughout the day the police had thrown a strong and very visible security cordon around the synagogue and all the approach roads leading to it. The police did their job with immense efficiency, and as always with a smile. It has to be said, as indeed I have said on many previous occasions: there is such a huge disconnect between the professional and dedicated police officers getting the job done every single day, on the one hand, and on the other hand their more politically motivated commanders higher up the echelon. Had these commanders listened to our input at an early stage a lot of resources, effort and pain would have been avoided.
The city of Gothenburg owes a huge debt of gratitude to the police for a wonderful job well done under the most trying of circumstances. The police gave up not just their Sunday, but the previous days too as they attended countless briefings on what to expect and how to respond to both the Right-wing and the Left-wing threats. It is to be hoped that they receive proper compensation for all the extra work they put into making Yom Kippur such a thankfully low-key day, all considered, bearing in mind the explosive potential of the Nazi demonstrators and the Leftist/Anarchist/Islamist counterdemonstrators.
Now it is up to the Swedish taxpayer to foot the bill for this hugely expensive operation. I repeat, the cost of which could have been limited to a mere fraction if only the top echelon of the police had listened to our advice early on in the process.

Gothenburg: planned Yom Kippur battleground for Nazis, Left-wing fanatics, Islamists and Anarchists

Two days ago, following a court order, the Gothenburg Police finally changed the route of the planned NMR Nazi march on Yom Kippur so it does not pass by the city’s main synagogue.
Today, previously suspected plans by extreme left-wing groups from Sweden and the rest of Europe to stage a major clash in the city are now being discussed openly in social media. Some sources indicate that more than 10,000 left-wing fanatics will arrive in the city to do battle on Yom Kippur.
It is expected that Gothenburg’s downtown area, where the synagogue is located, will turn into a veritable battleground on Saturday, which is both Yom Kippur and Shabbat, as left-wing extremists, anarchists, Islamists and Nazis do battle with the police over the right to control the streets.
A few years ago in Malmö in southern Sweden, Islamists and extreme-left fanatics held the entire city in lockdown because a pair of Israelis dared to play tennis in the city as part of the renowned international Davis Cup tournament. That ended with Swedish police having to call in reinforcements from colleagues in Denmark – an embarrassing historic first for Swedes to see Danish riot police patrolling Swedish streets. The sight of foreign militia vehicles patrolling your country usually signals a coup or an invasion. The rioting caused millions of kronor of damage. I was there, photographing and filming it all first-hand.
Malmö is located close to Copenhagen, just across the sound, so Danish police reinforcements were able to be rushed to the aid of their grateful Swedish colleagues. Gothenburg is located a couple of hundred kilometres from Norway, and more than 300 km from Denmark.
We give our complete moral support to the Gothenburg police and hope they will succeed in their important mission of subduing the warring factions and keeping the city free for its law-abiding population, including for the city’s Jews as they make their way to and from synagogue on Yom Kippur.

Gothenburg Administrative Court of Appeal forces Nazis to change march route away from synagogue

The Gothenburg Administrative Court of Appeal has ordered that the planned Nazi march near Gothenburg’s main synagogue on Yom Kippur be altered, so that it ends well away from and goes nowhere near the synagogue.
This is very welcome news. As Jews in Gothenburg we have not demanded that democratic rights of assembly be curtailed just to please us: in Sweden it is not illegal to support Nazis. It is a sign of low intelligence, that is true, but it is not illegal.
We did not ask for this change out of concern for our emotions on the holiest day of our year. We requested this change because Jewish Holocaust survivors and Jewish families with young children would have had to run the gauntlet of snarling right-wing Nazis to get to synagogue.
And as if that were not enough, the presence of the Nazis will likely attract a huge turnout of extreme-left supporters and other anarchists simply out for a good fight. Right outside the synagogue.
It was this very real security issue that was our contention, and thankfully the Court of Appeal has taken note.
But what a sorry indictment on sound common-sense that this matter even had to be taken to court to ensure the essential change.
It will be interesting to see if in the future the police and courts will agree to take an equally firm stance against the main source of anti-Semitism in Sweden. Which is not the tiny (yet nonetheless dangerous) number of  Nazis, but the huge number of highly vociferous racist Islamists who routinely call for the slaughter of Jews and who liken us to apes and pigs. Doing so with impunity…

Nazi Yom Kippur demo in Gothenburg, Sweden, a godsend to PC-Swedes

On Yom Kippur this year, NMR – a neo-Nazi party – will be holding a racist demonstration in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their route takes them close to the doors of Gothenburg’s main synagogue.
On Yom Kippur.
The Gothenburg Jewish Community has always enjoyed an excellent, warm and professional relationship with the police, both the uniform branch and the security police. We have never hesitated to turn to the police with our security-related concerns over the years, and the police have always responded with the utmost attentiveness, flexibility and consideration.
Not this year, however. When the Jewish Community leadership pointed out that the date of the march and its route posed a particular security concern owing to their overt anti-Semitic symbolism, the police responded that they had taken into consideration the “security aspects” of the Nazi march and demonstration, explaining they are not concerned with the religious niceties of the Jewish religion on this or any other particular day. From the point of view of a security operation, the police say, this route allows them to keep everything under control.
Despite our decades of close and smooth cooperation, this response seems to suggest that the Gothenburg police have learned little over the years. The Gothenburg Jewish Community is not asking the police to reroute the march because we are upset that Nazis are insulting our religion or upsetting our emotions.
We are requesting that the march be rerouted because Jews both young and elderly will be coming to and from the synagogue all day long. As such, having a Nazi demonstration route that takes a few hundred uniformed racists close to our main doors is very much a security issue. Not an emotive one. It is not our sensibilities that are under threat, but our physical well-being.
Sweden is still thankfully a democracy. As such, even Nazis, Islamists and other equally intellectually challenged racists have the right to march and demonstrate. It is not this right that the Jewish Community of Gothenburg wishes to curtail. It is not even the deliberately provocative choice of date on which to hold their racist demonstration that is at issue – because Sweden is still nominally a democratic country.
It is the route, the venue, that is a serious security risk. A security risk to Jewish worshippers who will be entering and leaving the synagogue all day long.
It is a risk that the Gothenburg police are refusing to acknowledge.
And a refusal that is raising more than a few eyebrows here on Sweden’s west coast.
Because in all the moral debacle that this issue is spotlighting, there is actually one issue that everyone is aware of but that nobody will dare mention because in Sweden, Political Correctness is the state religion.
Here it is: the planned Nazi NMR demonstration is just one (1) overtly anti-Semitic event that is grabbing the headlines to the exclusion of all else. All of Swedish society – politicians, the media, private citizens – are in touching agreement that the beliefs of these racists are morally indefensible but that they have a legal right to hold a demonstration. These racists are by and large fair-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, they shout their slogans in Swedish – the typical Aryan ideal of racial superiority and overt offensiveness against Jews. With a sigh of morally indignant relief, Swedish society has gratefully embraced the opportunity to express its collective repugnance against the Nazi racists, while upholding their legal right to demonstrate in our democracy.
Yet that same society – the same politicians, the same media, those same private citizens – maintain a tight-lipped silence when identical and even far worse anti-Semitism is expressed in Gothenburg and elsewhere. On a daily basis.
Of course, that anti-Semitism is not expressed by fair-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed racists shouting slogans in Swedish, but by largely dark-haired, swarthy-skinned, dark-eyed racists shouting slogans in Arabic and other languages from the non-Jewish part of the Middle East and North Africa.
That anti-Semitism – which is expressed on a daily basis – in sometimes far viler ways such as calls to “slaughter the sons of apes and pigs” from Swedish mosque pulpits, that anti-Semitism remains ignored by Swedish society.
The Nazi NMR demonstration, no matter where it is held, no matter which route it eventually takes, has come as a godsend to Swedish society. Swedes will now be able to salve their consciences by wholeheartedly, proudly and loudly condemning the anti-Semitic Nazis – while shamefacedly, abjectly and resolutely ignoring the anti-Semitic Islamists.
In Sweden, one (1) single Nazi anti-Semitic event is gratefully embraced as a means of absolving Swedish society from the responsibility of dealing with 365 Islamist anti-Semitic events a year.

Lessons in extortion: Pyongyang sits the exam, while Teheran takes notes

From an historical viewpoint it would be interesting to look back and see how future generations judge us for our passiveness today.
Over a period of eight years, in a shocking display of well-meaning naivete and ill-considered policy, US President Barack Obama protected, even rescued and aided, rogue regimes such as Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah, Fatah and others.
Obama pulled back the Iran regime from the brink of collapse, firstly by refusing to offer even token moral support to the Iranian pro-democracy movement, and secondly by releasing hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen assets to Iran. The Iranian regime promptly used these funds to rearm both themselves and their Lebanese colonialist arm Hezbollah, then joined forces with Syria’s Bashar Assad as he went about massacring half a million of his own citizens and driving most of the rest into exile.
To read the entire article, which I first published in the Jerusalem Post, click here.