New verb: To “Greta” means to manipulate the impressionable

Greta Thunberg: “You have stolen my dreams and my childhoodI should be back in school, on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope … How dare you!”

I think you’ll find, Greta, that it’s your manipulative parents who ignored your childhood and that it’s your massive, expensive PR army that stole your childhood and abused your most formative years.

Don’t blame us adults. All over the world we’re getting on with the serious business of bringing up our children and grandchildren to be thinking, responsible members of society, who don’t blame others for the systematic cynical abuses to which they are subjected by selfish, greedy narcissists and egocentrists.

You said in your speech at the UN:

“I should be back in school, on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope … How dare you!”

There’s just one problem with that claim: nobody asked you to peddle “hope”. It’s worrying, delusional even, that you would actually believe this is the case. It’s your manipulative adult handlers who’ve convinced you that such a plea has been voiced. It hasn’t. The carefully crafted hysteria that your PR machinery promoted has steamrollered certain swathes of society into a mass response. But that’s just the result of the onslaught that is your PR juggernaut. At no stage have the world’s adults “come to (you) young people for hope”. You’ve been used.

Now think about what I’ve written before you hand this text over to your staff of adult PR specialists to formulate a rebuttal on your behalf.

And then go to school. It’s where we responsible parents and grandparents expect vulnerable children like you to be spending your time – with your friends of a similar age instead of being coached by adults to lecture other adults for political and monetary gain.

You are a schoolchild, not a cash-machine or a stepladder to political gain which is how the manipulative adults around you seem to regard you.

Go. To. School. It’s our job as adults to look after you. The responsible ones among us – you know, the silent majority who just get on with our responsibilities – are doing an excellent job. It’s the selfish adults surrounding you who are failing you, and terribly at that.

Go. To. School. And get an education. That way you’ll know what you’re talking about, actually based on facts and figures instead of throwaway slogans and unfounded mantras. And that way people may actually take notice of what you say, instead of being upset about the serial abuse to which you are being subjected by your adult handlers.

Because of course you’re right – the climate issue is a serious one. In certain parts of the world, it is a very serious one indeed, in others like Sweden where you and I come from, much less so because we here in Sweden already do an excellent job in this regard. Having said which, there is obviously always room for improvement.

But is climate – the political platform that your manipulative parents and your highly paid PR machine chose for you – the most important issue on the human agenda? Not everyone would agree with you. Many people see this as just a platform to elevate you because you are being used as a photogenic tool owing to your youth. And that platform has been meticulously constructed by the adult PR experts surrounding you, using you as a figurehead.

Go. To. School. It’s where you belong. Like all children of your vulnerable and impressionable age.

I write this as a responsible father and grandfather. And as a teacher with no less than two academic qualifications to my name. Because I went to school and got myself an education …

Warmongering Iran upset about other countries “violating its territory”

It would be funny if it weren’t so terribly serious.

Iran and its proxies acting on direct orders from Tehran are at war – in other countries’ sovereign territories – with:
Saudi Arabia
They are also guilty of horrific terrorist attacks that have killed several hundred and wounded thousands in countries as far apart as Bulgaria, India, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Britain, the USA and most of Africa.

But it is Iran which is threatening war if its “territory is violated”.

Who knew the primitive barbarians running the Iranian regime had such a droll sense of humour?

But on a far more serious note, if Iranian aggression, both verbal and physical, is not smacked down and buried deep underground, that is correctly interpreted by the mullahs as weakness and drives them to expand their aggression.

World “leaders” (yes, I know, that term is currently something of a joke) need to grow a spine and deal resolutely with the Iranian regime. Once and for all, cost what it may today.

Because the cost is going to be way higher tomorrow.

Appeasement worked so well last time round, right?

Europe, led as usual by the French, has a penchant for wanting history to repeat itself.

80 years ago Europe was all for appeasing the Nazis. The Nazis have two ideological pillars, pursued with terrifying tenacity:

  • to create an empire consisting of what they regard as the “master-race”, subjugating and/or killing all who stand in their way
  • ridding the world of Jews

Today, the ideological descendants of the Nazis – the Islamist Shia mullah regime of Iran – have two very different ideological pillars, pursued with terrifying tenacity:

  • to create an empire consisting of what they regard as the “master-race”, subjugating and/or killing all who stand in their way
  • ridding the world of Jews

Sorry, did I write “very different” ideological pillars? That was wrong – they are of course identical.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the evidence here, here, here, here or here – and that’s just for starters.

Europe’s leaders are displaying classic signs of willingness to appease, succumb to extortion, weakness to blackmail – call it what you want. And whatever you call it, it’s ugly and unworthy of anyone who claims to possess leadership qualities.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was recently on a tour of European capitals, where the red carpet was rolled out and he was feted as a celebrity representing a moderate state – at the same time as even more Iranian women were battered by “morality police”, imprisoned without trial, in some cases even hanged for daring to show some of their hair, or dress the way they want, or attend football matches, or fight for labour rights. Gays in Iran are routinely hanged in public from cranes (see here, here and here). And in the supremely “moral” Iran of the mullahs, prostitution “does not exist” according to the regime and is punishable in the same way as homosexuality – but it is OK to get married for as little as three minutes provided the appropriate fee has been paid in advance to the woman and both the “halal marriage” and the subsequent “halal divorce” have been certified by a fee-earning mullah. No, really, in the supremely moral Iran ruled by the supreme ayatollah…

Europe’s silence on all this is of course not just one of abject cowardice – it is very much to do with money. Iran’s genocidal rhetoric against the Jewish state, Iran’s genocidal attacks against civilian Jews in various countries in Europe, South America, Asia and elsewhere, Iran’s terrorist activities not just in the Middle East but throughout the world, are not to get in the way of mutually lucrative contracts. It’s not only about fear of Iran’s military and terrorist threats to Europe, it is also about the thirst for continued sales opportunities in Iran that is driving Europe to use 15 billion dollars in taxpayer funds to open up even larger reciprocal financial deals with the mullahs’ regime.

To paraphrase another anti-Semitic racist in the US Congress, for Europe it truly is “all about the Benjamins”.

Every single morning, French president Macron looks optimistically in the mirror, fails yet again to discover anything resembling a spine or moral fibre or basic ethics – and still he goes out unashamedly to meet his constituents. It is the French president – of course – who first floated the idea of using taxpayer funds to protect Iran.

The rest of Europe eagerly backed him.

Of course, Europe is not alone – or indeed the first – to engage in funding Iran’s domestic and international terrorism. The process started under former US president Obama, who took the inexplicable initiative to voluntarily, without reciprocity, and with historically unparalleled deception, release 1.7 billion dollars to the mullahs – money that was promptly distributed to various terrorist organisations throughout the Middle East.

History ought to have taught Europe that you can’t buy peace with money – you can only delay the inevitable. You negotiate peace through strength – backed by the threat of massive, inexorable violence. Europe’s leaders need to go back to school.

Nasrallah – the “hero” who lives in a hole

It’s easy to be brave when you’re hiding deep underground in a dungeon, protected by kindergartens and hospitals built on top to shield you.

The Iranian-owned Lebanese terrorist, Hassan Nasrallah, claims that the IDF is a “Hollywood army“.

Well, Nasrallah has been living deep, deep underground since summer 2006 when he started his latest war against “Hollywood”.

If the IDF is just a “Hollywood army” as he claims, what’s he so afraid of? Why doesn’t this rat emerge from his hole? After 13 years living in fear in his underground dungeon, reports say his skin is now so pasty, thin, brittle and pale that he probably could not spend much time in daylight without suffering irreversible damage to his health.

If he’s so afraid of “Hollywood”, just imagine how afraid he is of the guys and gals of the IDF… And yes, you dog Nasrallah, the chances are actually 50-50 that the sniper bullet that puts an end to your life may come from a Jewish female soldier as from a Jewish male soldier.

Oh the sheer indignity to his Islamist macho image, having to run and hide from girls. Jewish girls at that…

Unbridled idiot.

Palestinianism – the multi-billion dollar malaise

What a joke!

The anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority can’t even secure the Gaza Strip – the other half of their ethnically cleansed “state” – from the Strip’s equally anti-Semitic Hamas.

And there’s a call to make Israel Palestine?

The funny bit is the word “again”. In their convoluted logic,  three thousand years of continuous Jewish rule in the land of Israel, with a Jewish capital called Jerusalem in a Jewish province called Judea, with a Jewish religion, Jewish language, Jewish monetary system, Jewish social structure, are all less than 1400 years of the birth of Islam on a different continent, in a different region, populated by different people speaking a different language and with no connection to Jerusalem or the land of Israel until the followers of Islam invaded and slaughtered their way into the Jewish heartland.

But then this is the sickness known as Palestinianism, which is an addiction to other people’s money and an obsession with a personal sense of personal martyrdom, total absence of responsibility, and a perpetual chip on the shoulder. The sickness shows itself as a chronic inability to acknowledge one’s own failings while simultaneously blaming all personal shortcomings on “the Jews”.

There is no known cure. Exposure to heavy doses of fact, honesty, information, chronology and documentation have shown no effect on the symptoms of Palestinianism. The disease has been demonstrated to be immune to all known treatments owing to decades of unregulated use of an addictive drug known as UNRWA, manufactured by hallucinogenic preparation specialist UN.

The battlefield nobody talks about

Look at the map below.

Image from Google.

Syrian regime missile strikes on civilians in Damascus? No.

Turkish military bombing civilian targets in Kurdistan? No.

Saudi rocket hits in Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen? No.

Taliban suicide bombings in Kabul? No.

All the above references are theatres of war in the volatile Muslim world.

The sites in the above photo, however, show the location of bomb explosions in Malmö. Malmö is Sweden’s third-largest city. Sweden is not at war.

Well, not officially. But internecine bombings, shootings, grenade attacks and knifings between rival Muslim gangs and against the general Swedish population are nowadays so routine that Sweden today ranks as having the world’s highest incidence of bomb attacks in peacetime.

The Left-wing Social Democratic government, however, is not addressing these issues – issues that even the police say they can no longer control.

The government is instead holding multi-party talks on how to contain the surging violence – while excluding the only Swedish political party that has never ever served in a government, and that has consistently warned about precisely this development. All the other parties involved in the talks have in recent years been in government and helped created today’s explosive (literally) situation.

There is no truth to the rumour that aspiring government ministers in Sweden have to demonstrate a set level of stupidity in order to get the job. Although it is true that the vast majority of government ministers do not even hold a single academic qualification of any sort. But their academic inability is pretty much an unofficial precondition for securing absurdly lucrative ministerial positions which come with absolutely no demands on performance, responsibility, liability or indeed attendance. The lower the ministers’ educational and aspirational levels, the less likely they are to question their party leader – because where else would they get such a well-paid job? They know full well on which side their bread is buttered.

Sweden, 2019. You’d be forgiven for assuming the image showed an ongoing war.

Because it is an ongoing war. It’s just a war no Swedish government politician is willing to talk about. Because “Islamophobia”, don’t you know…

Time to put a stop to Erakat’s comfortable lifestyle

The racist Palestinian Authority is getting way too comfortable peddling its blood libels.

A Hamas terrorist murders civilian Jews.

Israel arrests him, but gives him free hospital treatment for serious prior medical conditions totally unrelated to his incarceration. The terrorist dies after a long period of battling his terminal illness.

Now the Palestinian Authority’s chief racist Saeb Erakat, who himself gladly used Israeli medical hospitals rather than entrust his life to PA or Jordanian or other Arab hospitals, accuses Israel of murdering the terminally ill patient, demands an “international investigation” and calls the deceased a “martyr”. The terrorist’s family will now receive a lifelong “pension” paid for by the long-suffering taxpayers of countries like Sweden, the United States and Britain – bot not a single Muslim country will contribute their precious rials or dinars…

After this latest in a long line of utterly appalling libellous statements from Saeb Erakat, he should be totally banned from ever entering any part of Israel, and denied all contact with Israeli diplomats, politicians or media.

Enough’s enough of this utterly vile racist muck-raker.

Israel leads R&D, Hamas flies kites

After just 71 years, in Israel this is the latest cutting-edge development in clean energy with the smallest possible environmental footprint. All paid for by Israeli enterprise and developed by Israeli innovation.

Meanwhile in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, which in the same 71 years have received more international aid than the entire post-war Marshall Plan for the entire continent of Europe, they are still pouring raw sewage into rivers and seas, and they’ve just learned how to fly kites in order to set fire to forests, crops, animals and fragile ecosystems including entire generations of bees. Without bees to carry out life-giving pollination, life ends.

And still Hamas and the Palestinian Authority get paid billions out of our taxes.

Stop all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

And boost investment in Israel. Which just about every democratic country in the world already does. In fact, although Israel does not have a car manufacturing industry of its own, it has globally renowned auto-tech hubs that perform much of the advanced R&D work for leading German, Japanese, Swedish, American, South Korean and other car makers.

While at the same time Gazans are digging tunnels by hand to penetrate into Israel and invade and destroy the Jewish state.

Amazing that the world doesn’t react to this sheer stupidity and evil.

The Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre – What's Not Being Said

11 Jews were shot dead while praying, and another 6 people including responding police officers were seriously wounded, in an anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue on Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath. The attack took place on Saturday 27th October in Pittsburgh in the USA.
Anti-Semitism is gaining traction in certain parts of the world, fed by political opportunism, the rise in Islamism, worthless lip-service by political leaders, media collusion, and utter social paralysis induced by mindless dedication to political correctness – which dictates that only right-wing anti-Semitism is condemned, as was the case in Pittsburgh, while left-wing and Islamist anti-Semitism pass without either comment or condemnation.
Many of the official statements by political leaders following yesterday’s vile anti-Semitic attack represent genuine outrage, but some of the official statements of support actually come from political leaders who themselves deliberately feed anti-Semitism as part of their political profile.
Here are a few excerpts from political figures who have made statements about the anti-Semitic Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. Rather tellingly, no official Swedish comment has been forthcoming from either the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister or Sweden. Both have gained a reputation for actively encouraging anti-Semitism at home – the PM through his abysmal lack of leadership (he is not an anti-Semite), the FM through her vicious attacks on both Swedish Jews and the Jewish state.

  • “This evil anti-Semitic attack is an assault on humanity. It will take all of us working together to extract the poison of anti-Semitism from our world. We must unite to conquer hate.” US President Donald Trump.
  • “Our thoughts are with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and all those affected by this sickening and cowardly act.” UK Prime Minister Theresa May.
  • “Terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected. The UK will always stand firm against antisemitism but so sad we still have to say so.” UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
  • “My thoughts are with those killed or injured in this horrific act of anti-Semitic violence, and with their loved ones. We must stand together against hate and terror.” UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who actively supports anti-Semitism as a means of ensuring success in the next elections, and actively supports anti-Semitic terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hizbollah which have a history of murdering Jews and also have the murder of Jews on their official charters.
  • “Synagogues and all places of worship should be sanctuaries. London stands with the congregation of the Tree of Life in Pittsburgh – you are in our thoughts and prayers.” Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.
  • “We all must confront anti-Semitism resolutely — everywhere.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is Merkel’s open-door policies to Islamist settlers that have fuelled the rise in anti-Semitism in Europe this past decade. She is certainly no anti-Semite, but her policies have seriously enabled the worst excesses of anti-Semitism all across the continent.
  • “(Saturday’s attack) shows the magnitude of a wave of anti-Semitism and racism that is spreading in many countries  … The European Union expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends of those affected by today’s attack, as well as to the US authorities.” Spokesperson for European Union foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini. Mogherini is one of the chief architects of the EU’s animosity towards Israel as a Jewish state. Animosity that has rightly been interpreted in many circles as carte-blanche for animosity towards the Jewish people too.
  • “The shooting in Pittsburgh is a painful reminder of continuing antisemitism. Jews across the world continue to be attacked for no other reason than their identity. Antisemitism is a menace to democratic values and peace, and should have no place in the 21st century.” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The UN is probably the single most successful driver and financier of anti-Semitism in the world, followed closely by the EU. A clear majority of UN member states are Islamic dictatorships that pursue a hard-line anti-Semitic agenda. Most of the UN’s Arab and many of its other Islamic states have also ethnically cleansed their entire Jewish populations, in some cases Jewish populations that have lived there for 2000 years. The UN also single-mindedly seeks to destroy every link between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, Judaism’s spiritual and historical heart. It is the anti-Semitic majority of the UN that dictates UN attitudes towards world Jewry, so the Secretary-General’s official statement should be taken with a very generous pinch of salt – he is no anti-Semite himself but he heads an intrinsically anti-Semitic organisation.
  • “(Our) deepest condolences [and] thoughts to the victims’ families, wishing a prompt recovery to those injured. (We express the) strongest condemnation of violence based on hatred [and] religious discrimination.” Italian Foreign Minister Moavero Milanesi.
  • “(A) horrendous act of terror and barbarism, (our) heartfelt condolences”. Poland’s ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski.
  • “(We) “strongly condemn the act of anti-Semitism in Pittsburgh.” French President Emmanuel Macron.
  • “(We have ordered) “increase vigilance around synagogues from Sunday … anti-Semitism kills and anti-Semitism has no borders. The terrible attack in Pittsburgh is tragic proof … In Pennsylvania, as in our own country, we remain united against hate.” French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.
  • “I condemn the terror attack against a Pittsburgh synagogue and extend my heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and to the American people.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish dictator is renowned for his openly anti-Semitic vitriol in his treatment of the world’s sole Jewish state, Israel.
  • No comment. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.
  • No comment. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström.

The systemic anti-Semitism of the Swedish Left

Sweden’s Left has a serious, and systemic, inherited, problem with its ingrained anti-Semitism.
Sweden’s multiple left-wing parties have all been thoroughly infiltrated by virulent anti-Semites with roots in the Muslim world.
This particular variant on the theme, Iranian-born Oldoz Javidi, has openly called for deporting Jews to America as a solution to Middle East problems. It is a stance that clearly echoes vile Nazi racism from just a few short decades ago. She then insisted the statement be deleted because it may reveal too much about her Swedish parliamentary party’s inclinations and intentions. She did not retract the statement, just demanded that it be concealed. Revealingly, her party has not kicked her out but instead rushed to her defence.
She candidates on behalf of the ultra-left-wing Feminist Initiative party, whose former party leader is an alcoholic, and whose African-born number two was caught on video attacking a man at a railway station for being white and who was also found guilty of plagiarising her university thesis.
Feminist Initiative is vying for votes with the fanatically left-wing Green Party, whose current co-party leader was arrested and deported from Israel for illegal terrorist activities, and whose other co-party leader went on record as saying that she couldn’t condemn Fatah and Hamas for anti-Semitic crimes “because of the peace process”. Her government supports Fatah and Hamas to the tune of billions of kronor, including the payment of lifelong “pensions” to Arab terrorists guilty of murder, mass-murder and crimes against humanity.
Interestingly, not even the Swedish right-wing parties advocate the forced transfer of Jews, only the Swedish Left routinely toys with such concepts.
Sweden holds national elections this September. All the indications are that the nation’s seven established parties will all receive a resounding thrashing at the hands of the Sweden Democrats – a right-wing party that is openly supportive of Israel as a Jewish state (!) but that is against circumcision in Sweden. The seven established parties have just one item on their election agenda: to keep the Sweden Democrats out. The Sweden Democrats, on the other hand, seem to be listening to people’s concerns and moulding their campaign and policies accordingly.
So in Sweden you have mainstream liberal and centrist parties that routinely ignore the electorate, preserve Muslim immigrants in segregated ghettoes, and are known for having created an untenable situation for Sweden’s taxpaying Jews. These parties have signally failed to stand by Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. At the same time, you have a right-wing party that avidly supports the Jewish state, affirms it will move the Swedish embassy to Jerusalem, wants to shut down Sweden’s terrorist-supporting consulate in East Jerusalem, and is building its campaign on such liberal and centrist concerns as health care, job creation, a better education system, and proper integration of immigrants into mainstream society. Oh, and the right-wing Sweden Democrats are also Sweden’s ONLY party to routinely – and openly – kick out members displaying any form of anti-Semitic sympathies.
Swedish politics. Not like politics anywhere in the civilised world.