Nazi Yom Kippur demo in Gothenburg, Sweden, a godsend to PC-Swedes

On Yom Kippur this year, NMR – a neo-Nazi party – will be holding a racist demonstration in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their route takes them close to the doors of Gothenburg’s main synagogue. On Yom Kippur. The Gothenburg Jewish Community has always enjoyed an excellent, warm and professional relationship with the police, both the uniform branch […]

Lessons in extortion: Pyongyang sits the exam, while Teheran takes notes

From an historical viewpoint it would be interesting to look back and see how future generations judge us for our passiveness today. Over a period of eight years, in a shocking display of well-meaning naivete and ill-considered policy, US President Barack Obama protected, even rescued and aided, rogue regimes such as Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah, […]

Book review: Michelle Mazel's "Julius Matthias: A Pact with the Devil"

Just finished reading “Julius Matthias – A Pact with the Devil” by Michelle Mazel (published by New Meridian, ISBN: 978-0-997603842). It’s a remarkable work, not least because it takes Mazel into new literary areas. An accomplished author, Michelle Mazel has previously perhaps been best known for her Alfassi thriller series, a trilogy that weaves together […]

Interesting talk by Israeli ambassador Isaac Bachman at theSweden-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Highly interesting breakfast meeting this morning with Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Isaac Bachman, at the Sweden-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm. Almost every single seat was taken, which says a lot about the importance of commercial and other non-political ties between Sweden and Israel. After five years in Stockholm, Isaac Bachman will soon return to […]

The Swedish Institute: a hotbed of illegal profiling and illegal documenting of political opinions

The Swedish Institute is a department that answers to the Swedish government, formally under the Foreign Ministry. The Swedish Foreign Ministry is headed by Margot Wallström. You might have heard of Margot Wallström in any number of contexts that praise Islamism, excuse terrorism against Jews, blame the Jews for terrorism against Jewish civilians, and trade moral and ethics […]

Sweden: a self-styled "humanitarian superpower" severely lacking in moral fibre

In a secret ballot, serial women’s rights abuser Saudi Arabia was elected onto the UN Women’s Rights Commission. That’s what happens when justified moral outrage is replaced by simpering immoral servitude. But here’s a thought. Of the 12 EU member states that voted, at least five (5) voted in favour of the staunchly Islamist Saudi […]