The Turkey-ISIS alliance is alive and kicking

The West’s penchant for voluntarily empowering rogue states continues to amaze.

The Turkish regime’s “defence” minister sounds more offensive than defensive, don’t you think?
Not satisfied with swallowing up half of Cyprus and parts of Syria, Turkey now wants all of Cyprus, plus more of Syria, Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria

But hey, stop complaining, we’re doing great business with Turkey, lots of Western countries have huge financial stakes in the racist Turkish state including massive industrial facilities such as car factories, and after all Turkey is a member of NATO and protecting us from terrorism…

Except no, they’re not protecting us from terrorism – on the contrary, Turkey is consistently using NATO weapons to perpetrate genocide on the Kurds, and to both support and free imprisoned ISIS mass-murderers from Kurdish custody.

Turkey, like Iran and North Korea, is the very definition of a rogue state.

But we won’t do anything, of course. Because of all the huge international investments we have there – just imagine if the mad dog Erdogan nationalised all those lucrative factories! Better stay silent and look the other way while our loyal allies the Kurds are slaughtered en masse.

After all, we the “civilised” West did nothing – absolutely nothing – while EU member state Cyprus was illegally invaded, occupied, annexed and ethnically cleansed by the Turkish regime, followed by the viciously racist and illegal act of forced population transfer, with ethnic Turks being brought over from mainland Turkey to take over homes previously owned by Greek Christians. In fact, the organisation that is the most quiet on the Cyprus issue is – drum roll – the EU itself.

Too many Armani-suited EU salary-earners would lose their jobs and their lucrative benefits if they criticised Turkey, so stop complaining and pass the earplugs so we can’t hear the screams of agony as thousands of Kurdish children are murdered by the brutal Turkish regime and their ISIS allies.