Warmongering Iran upset about other countries “violating its territory”

It would be funny if it weren’t so terribly serious.

Iran and its proxies acting on direct orders from Tehran are at war – in other countries’ sovereign territories – with:
Saudi Arabia
They are also guilty of horrific terrorist attacks that have killed several hundred and wounded thousands in countries as far apart as Bulgaria, India, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Britain, the USA and most of Africa.

But it is Iran which is threatening war if its “territory is violated”.

Who knew the primitive barbarians running the Iranian regime had such a droll sense of humour?

But on a far more serious note, if Iranian aggression, both verbal and physical, is not smacked down and buried deep underground, that is correctly interpreted by the mullahs as weakness and drives them to expand their aggression.

World “leaders” (yes, I know, that term is currently something of a joke) need to grow a spine and deal resolutely with the Iranian regime. Once and for all, cost what it may today.

Because the cost is going to be way higher tomorrow.