Time to put a stop to Erakat’s comfortable lifestyle

The racist Palestinian Authority is getting way too comfortable peddling its blood libels.

A Hamas terrorist murders civilian Jews.

Israel arrests him, but gives him free hospital treatment for serious prior medical conditions totally unrelated to his incarceration. The terrorist dies after a long period of battling his terminal illness.

Now the Palestinian Authority’s chief racist Saeb Erakat, who himself gladly used Israeli medical hospitals rather than entrust his life to PA or Jordanian or other Arab hospitals, accuses Israel of murdering the terminally ill patient, demands an “international investigation” and calls the deceased a “martyr”. The terrorist’s family will now receive a lifelong “pension” paid for by the long-suffering taxpayers of countries like Sweden, the United States and Britain – bot not a single Muslim country will contribute their precious rials or dinars…

After this latest in a long line of utterly appalling libellous statements from Saeb Erakat, he should be totally banned from ever entering any part of Israel, and denied all contact with Israeli diplomats, politicians or media.

Enough’s enough of this utterly vile racist muck-raker.