Israel leads R&D, Hamas flies kites

After just 71 years, in Israel this is the latest cutting-edge development in clean energy with the smallest possible environmental footprint. All paid for by Israeli enterprise and developed by Israeli innovation.

Meanwhile in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, which in the same 71 years have received more international aid than the entire post-war Marshall Plan for the entire continent of Europe, they are still pouring raw sewage into rivers and seas, and they’ve just learned how to fly kites in order to set fire to forests, crops, animals and fragile ecosystems including entire generations of bees. Without bees to carry out life-giving pollination, life ends.

And still Hamas and the Palestinian Authority get paid billions out of our taxes.

Stop all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

And boost investment in Israel. Which just about every democratic country in the world already does. In fact, although Israel does not have a car manufacturing industry of its own, it has globally renowned auto-tech hubs that perform much of the advanced R&D work for leading German, Japanese, Swedish, American, South Korean and other car makers.

While at the same time Gazans are digging tunnels by hand to penetrate into Israel and invade and destroy the Jewish state.

Amazing that the world doesn’t react to this sheer stupidity and evil.