Warmongering Iran upset about other countries “violating its territory”

It would be funny if it weren’t so terribly serious. Iran and its proxies acting on direct orders from Tehran are at war – in other countries’ sovereign territories – with: Yemen Saudi Arabia Iraq Syria Lebanon IsraelThey are also guilty of horrific terrorist attacks that have killed several hundred and wounded thousands in countries […]

Appeasement worked so well last time round, right?

Europe, led as usual by the French, has a penchant for wanting history to repeat itself. 80 years ago Europe was all for appeasing the Nazis. The Nazis have two ideological pillars, pursued with terrifying tenacity: to create an empire consisting of what they regard as the “master-race”, subjugating and/or killing all who stand in […]

Palestinianism – the multi-billion dollar malaise

What a joke! The anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority can’t even secure the Gaza Strip – the other half of their ethnically cleansed “state” – from the Strip’s equally anti-Semitic Hamas. And there’s a call to make Israel Palestine? The funny bit is the word “again”. In their convoluted logic,  three thousand years of continuous Jewish rule […]

Time to put a stop to Erakat’s comfortable lifestyle

The racist Palestinian Authority is getting way too comfortable peddling its blood libels. A Hamas terrorist murders civilian Jews. Israel arrests him, but gives him free hospital treatment for serious prior medical conditions totally unrelated to his incarceration. The terrorist dies after a long period of battling his terminal illness. Now the Palestinian Authority’s chief […]

Israel leads R&D, Hamas flies kites

After just 71 years, in Israel this is the latest cutting-edge development in clean energy with the smallest possible environmental footprint. All paid for by Israeli enterprise and developed by Israeli innovation. Meanwhile in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, which in the same 71 years have received more international aid than the entire post-war Marshall […]