Not Martial Law But…

Masked, heavily armed paramilitary-type forces now guard the outside of police stations in Malmö to prevent them from being shot up using assault rifles, attacked with grenades/rocket launchers, and fire-bombed.
No, this is not martial law, just the routine everyday situation in a country where 54 zones across the country are now classified as “no-go zones” or “distressed areas”, depending on how politically correct or honest you choose to be. Accordingly, depending on how politically correct you choose to be, you will read the above article and see that the extraordinary police action targets what is referred to as a “criminal” problem, but you may also quite possibly draw a different and more realistic conclusion as to the nature and driving force of these “criminals”.
Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, where about 25-30 percent of the population is classified as “new arrivals” or “fairly new arrivals” to Sweden from overseas, overwhelmingly from Muslim nations.
This is the new Sweden, which our politicians assure us is doing very well indeed, and anyone who says different is denounced as a racist. Overnight, the Swedish government solved the problem of inadequate academic qualifications among recent migrants/asylum-seekers to these shores, and it took just one day to accomplish this landmark achievement.
How, you may ask? Simple: Sweden now accepts the qualifications of anyone claiming to have an advanced academic qualification from largely war-torn, lawless and bureaucratically non-functioning countries like Syria, Somalia and Iraq, countries which by sheer coincidence also happen to rank among the highest in the world regarding bribery as a way of life. Nonetheless, as of today Monday, Sweden now has several thousand academics that we did not have yesterday, Sunday. The country makes huge progress, even over the weekend.
This is how this amateur Swedish government solves its self-inflicted problems: by ignoring the problems, but masking them with semantics and statistics.
In the same way, we also don’t have any unemployment. In fact, we actually have a severe shortage of people to fill vacancies in the (wait for it) public sector. In this election year, we’re talking about taxpayer-financed jobs created by the socialist central government to fill unemployment gaps. Last week it was revealed that pensions had been raised by a few dollars, almost the price of two loaves of bread for most pensioners. Per month. Did I mention that the elections are to be held this September?
Don’t get me wrong, some of these jobs truly are needed: following the massive influx of new arrivals from mostly Muslim countries who do not/will not/cannot yet (owing to their young age) work, we need plenty of government-paid people to cater for their needs.
Statistically, however, fewer people are actually producing anything in the private sector in the new Sweden, at the same time as more and more people are being hired in the Swedish public sector to satisfy the desires of an expanding public sector that does not/will not/cannot yet actually do any productive work.
So although we now have paramilitary-type police guarding our own police force, there is nobody to guard the nation’s future.
And no, this is not a rant against immigration or the highly lucrative asylum industry. It is very definitely a stern criticism of the abysmal failure of our nation’s leaders to even begin to integrate any of the people we have brought in, while bringing in even more over a period of ten years or more. Sweden has signally failed to integrate its recent arrivals, while exacerbating the problem by bringing in even more new arrivals that have no chance of integration, only of endemic segregation.
Sweden has created a ticking time-bomb whose components include social and financial segregation, a total lack of integration, insufficient transparency, non-existent security checks, academic alienation, total abandonment of the native population, unwillingness to convey even the most basic moral and social codes to newcomers, and the sacrifice of free speech on the altar of Political Correctness.
Watch this space a few years down the line.