Perpetuating EU failure in order to combat fresh US thinking. Because Trump…

Today two more or less simultaneous images are etched into my mind.
The first is Mike Pence’s superb poise and diplomatic elegance following the retrograde behaviour of Arab Members of the Knesset as they disrupted the US Vice-President’s historic speech at the Knesset. The US Vice-President went on to commend Israel for its vibrant democracy, where heads of state come and go in accordance with election results.

US Vice-President was the very essence of diplomacy and poise during the Arab MKs’ outburst at the Knesset.

The second is the retrograde comments of EU tsarinna Mogherini as she engages in tongue-kissing with terrorist chieftain Abbas and assures him of the EU’s dedication to combating the US. Abbas is currently in the 13th year of his 4-year mandate, without the inconvenience of elections in the interim. This does not in any way bother the EU.

Mogherini appears to close her eyes in delighted schoolgirl anticipation as terrorist cheiftain Abbas grasps her to his bosom.

Pence came to talk about ways of breaking decades of fatal deadlock and the need to face reality, to the benefit of the entire region.
Mogherini came to talk about ways of maintaining the status quo, so that more Arab and Israeli deaths could be assured in the future.
Pence came to talk about using financial inducements as a way of bringing unnecessary killing to an end, Mogherini came to talk about spending even more EU tax revenues as a means of maintaining the PA killing machine – its lethal Murder for Money industry. An industry paid for by unwilling EU citizens.
Never has the difference between fresh new thinking and tired, trite, time-serving policy been thrown into sharper contrast.