Sweden: a self-styled "humanitarian superpower" severely lacking in moral fibre

In a secret ballot, serial women’s rights abuser Saudi Arabia was elected onto the UN Women’s Rights Commission.
That’s what happens when justified moral outrage is replaced by simpering immoral servitude.
But here’s a thought.
Of the 12 EU member states that voted, at least five (5) voted in favour of the staunchly Islamist Saudi Arabia – a country that requires women to be accompanied in public by a male guardian, and where women are banned by law from even driving a car.
Take for instance EU member state Sweden. You know, the self-styled “humanitarian superpower” that is currently crumbling from within owing to domestic Islamist pressure. This week, Sweden’s third-largest city Malmö issued an urgent appeal to central government in Stockholm requesting that Malmö not be forced to accept any more Muslim immigrants because it can no longer cope. But Stockholm says that any Swedish city or municipality that refuses to take its allotted quota of immigrants will have its central funding cut. In English this is usually known as extortion, racketeering, blackmail, call it what you will.
Sweden will not say how it voted with regard to Saudi Arabia in the UN Women’s Rights Commission. Sweden is very, VERY open about its staunch criticism of the Jewish state of Israel. Sweden claims this criticism is in line with what it sees as its moral obligation to defend human rights (in Israel – the only country in the Middle East where all women and indeed all people of all religions actually have equal rights).
Yet remarkably, that same Sweden will not reveal equally openly how it voted with regard to Saudi Arabia’s election onto the Women’s Rights Commission.
What is Sweden afraid of?
How are we to interpret Sweden’s eagerness to openly condemn Israel, the only open democracy in the entire Middle East where women have equal rights, but its absolute refusal to comment in any way on the actively misogynistic Islamist regime of Saudi Arabia?
Are we to understand that the Swedish government is quite simply anti-Semitic and pro-Islamist?
Or should we just assume that the Swedish government consists of unprincipled political amateurs, spineless demagogues who know how to castigate Jews while ignoring Islamist excesses?
Sweden’s historically unpopular left-wing minority government is not a lame-duck government. It is a Donald Duck government. Nothing has changed since the day it took office back in September 2014 – apart from the fact that the country is infinitely worse off today than it was back then.