Sweden works behind the scenes to cut off Israel at the knees

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has now taken her seat on the UN Security Council.
This is the seat she purchased using the tax revenues of hard-working Swedish breadwinners.
In her opening speech outlining what she envisions as Sweden’s focal areas during its tenure at the UNSC, there was one short sentence – a phrase only, really – that has received little attention and that has been largely ignored by the world media.
And by Israel.
Which is dangerous omission.
Because it is Wallström’s key ambition during her period at the helm: she says that in the UN Security Council “The use of the veto must be limited.”

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström:
“The use of the veto must be limited.”

If you work in the Israeli government, or are an employee of the Israeli Foreign Ministry such as the Israeli ambassador to Sweden or the UN, read that sentence again.
The Swedish Foreign Minister aims to remove the last remaining vestige of support blocking universal condemnation of the Jewish state for (1) being a state for the Jews, and (2) protecting itself.
And she intends to do so by removing the veto right (that is to say, traditional US vetoing of endemically vicious anti-Israel resolutions).

Margot Wallström writes:

“The countries of the world have spoken. Now it’s up to us to shoulder the responsibility that awaits.”

The automatic majority of UN member states, whose Security Council Margot Wallström now heads, are anti-democratic, theocratic, Islamist and otherwise autocratic regimes. In “shouldering the responsibility” these states have given her, it would be wise to prepare for what she has in store.

For one country, and one country alone.

The Jewish state of Israel. She intends to sever the last pillar of support for Israel by cancelling or at least severely curbing the United Nations Security Council’s veto right. A veto right that until Obama was used to prevent anti-Semitic targeting of one and only one UN member state at the UNSC.

Israel. Because it is the state for the Jews.

Take note. And start operating proactively.

That means NOW.