When anti-Semitism enters, intelligence exits

1st of May today.
Traditionally the day on which avid supporters of communism, the political movement that has killed almost 100 million people worldwide, take to the streets to celebrate their “achievements”.
Many among this group have a new darling cause to support: they call it anti-Zionism. In this cause, they are joined by a wide variety of bigots and segregationists, featuring a high proportion of Islamists, who choose to single out Jews – and ONLY Jews – as targets of their viciousness.
But as both the EU and the UN have made clear, the term “anti-Zionism” (sometimes also known as “anti-Israelism”) is just another euphemism for plain old anti-Semitism.
In other words, raw, naked racism aimed squarely at the Jews.
So today, here’s lesson one in history. And logic. Two lessons for the price of one.

  • Lithuanians call Lithuania their ancestral home.
  • Indians call India their ancestral home.
  • Algerians call Algeria their ancestral home.
  • Tunisians call Tunisia their ancestral home.
  • Jews call Judea their ancestral home.

In all these cases – and many more besides – the clue is kind of in the name.
In all these cases – and many more besides – the world community fully agrees.
Except in the case of Judea – which many of the world community’s least intelligent, most bigoted thinkers (I use the term liberally) instead claim belongs to a group of people they term “Palestinians”.
Where anti-Semitism takes root, principle, reason, logic, fact and intelligence seem to evaporate.