The new way to spell hypocrisy: J o h n K e r r y

A quick question for John Kerry, in all humility:
Is his government planning on giving away Alaska any time soon? Puerto Rico? Mainland USA?
Strange – these were lands CONQUERED by invaders from Ireland and elsewhere (that would be John Kerry’s folks) who later called themselves Americans, displacing the indigenous populations and utterly destroying the social fabric of entire communities dating back several millennia.

In the case of Israel and Judea & Samaria, on the other hand, the land is indigenous to the Jews. The fact that one of these Jewish provinces is actually called “Judea” kind of gives it away.
But of course there’s no US law that requires a Foreign Secretary to be either intelligent or well-read, either honest or principled.
That’s why Kerry can continue to demand that Jews “relinquish” their indigenous territory to much – MUCH – later foreign invaders from the Arabian peninsula.
That’s why Kerry can term as “expropriation” all measures to allow Jews to settle in their own lands.
While at the same time turning a blind eye to some of the most horrific acts of brutal colonisation and mass rape of indigenous people’s rights carried out by the USA – the country of which he is Foreign Secretary.
Hypocrisy has a new name: it’s spelt John Kerry.
Read the excellent article on the subject by Varda Meyers Epstein entitled “Land Expropriation? Seriously?