Using EU finances to erase the incentive for peace

Last week Iranian regime leader Rouhani received a warm welcome by EU states, foremost among them France, and he rewarded them with lucrative multi-billion euro trade contracts.
This largesse was made possible thanks to the US whose president Obama recently unfroze massive Iranian financial assets, giving the world’s foremost terror sponsor, Iran, unlimited scope to pursue its military and covert aims.
Foremost among those Iranian aims is the destruction of UN member state Israel. The EU, US and UN remain silent.
Later the same week, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day no less, Rouhani openly questioned whether the Holocaust actually took place and as usual hosted Iran’s annual Holocaust cartoon competition, a racist hate-fest that in any civilised society would be immediately shut down by the authorities. Like the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas, he has done this many times before, with the EU, US and UN remaining silent. On the contrary, the EU, US and UN look forward to doing lucrative business with Iran – and keep pumping billions into the PA with absolutely no demand for reciprocity in the form of a stop to racist indoctrination against Jews.
The day after this racist statement, France nonetheless announced that if no progress is made on peace and a two-state solution between Israel and the racist Palestinian Authority – despite the fact that the PA is daily encouraging vicious attacks against civilian Jews in Israel, including infants asleep in their cots – the French will penalise Israel and reward the PA with formal recognition of “Palestine”.
Thereby removing all possible incentive for the PA to reach an agreement. Illogical, self-defeating, directly encouraging racism and terrorism.
Against this background of shameless hypocrisy, forgive me for saying that as Jews, as Zionists, quite simply as people who believe in democracy and humanity, we turn our backs on the EU, the US and the UN.
Israel should do what suits its needs without regard for the greed and unethical moral corruption of the EU, US and UN. Their choice of business partners, their silence on key moral issues and their immoral criticism of the only democracy in the Middle East render the EU, US and UN utterly irrelevant.