Margot Wallström's thundering silence

Really, Swedish Foreign Minister MargotWallström, you’ve got nothing to say?
A PA policeman – ultimately paid by Sweden – shot and tried to murder three Israelis yesterday.
And no doubt his surviving family members will receive the customary generous Sweden-financed lifetime pension in “honour” of the would-be murderer’s “heroic deed”.
Still got nothing to say Margot Wallström? You were the person who claimed that granting “Palestine” diplomatic recognition would pave the way for moderation from the very highest echelons down to grass-roots level.
You said that just last September. That’s right, just 16 months ago.
Forgotten what you said? Because there are several families, Jewish and Muslim alike, who will be happy to remind you. These are the families of people who have been killed as a direct result of your policy. Jewish victims murdered by Arab terrorists, and Arabs killed in acts of defence against their ongoing terror attacks.
Has enough blood been spilled to satisfy you yet, Margot Wallström?
Or are you too ashamed to back down and admit you were wrong? Terribly, tragically wrong, because your support has ignited an epidemic of attacks resulting in the deaths and woundings of dozens of Israeli Jews and Arab Muslims.
Still believe in yourself? Or are you adult enough to acknowledge your mistake and take the necessary steps to prevent more Jews and Arabs from being killed to salvage your tattered reputation?