A Swedish government increasingly divorced from the reality it has created

The Swedish government is bizarrely divorced from reality.
First it opens the country’s doors to any and every economic migrant and asylum seeker who wants to enter Sweden from Muslim countries.
Then it finds it has neither the financial nor the human resources to deal with the influx.
And it most certainly doesn’t have the backbone to handle the violence that unfortunately also accompanies a significant portion of this Islamist-inspired influx – violence that has led to a worrying increase in sex attacks and rapes of children and young girls and a total disregard for law and order.
In the wake of this rapid social breakdown the already overworked and understaffed Swedish police, following a directive from the National Police Commissioner, issued a comprehensive blackout on all migrant/asylum seeker-related crimes by registering such crimes under a fictitious “Code 291” category in the hope that prying media would not make the connection. This worked for a while until someone let the cat out the bag.
And now Interior Minister Anders Ygeman says that after allowing more than 160,000 largely unidentified migrants into Sweden in just 12 months, many of whom immediately went underground, he intends to deport up to 80,000 of them back to their home countries – despite not actually knowing their names or current addresses, or even the countries from which they come…
Read the rest of this article in the Times of Israel, where I first published it.