"The Threat Beneath" – Book Two In "The Hart Trilogy" is out now

If you enjoyed reading “Bridges Going Nowhere”, here now is its sequel, the second book in “The Hart Trilogy”.
It’s called “The Threat Beneath”.
This too is a political thriller, fast-paced yet with plenty of up-to-date analysis of what drives Sweden’s peculiar, often envious, usually antagonistic – yet surprisingly symbiotic – relationship with Israel.
Three-quarters of the way through this second book I had to rewrite significant parts of the novel. Because unfortunately the fiction I had written was tragically – and eerily – overtaken by reality: two fictitious scenes involving an attack on a newspaper in Gothenburg and a supermarket in the same city had to be deleted, and everything leading up to those scenes and following on from them had to be substantially rewritten – I couldn’t possibly leave them in after the terrible events that unfolded earlier this year in Paris.
It’s almost as though some very unpleasant people have hacked their way into my storyline. I like to give my books a healthy dose of realism, but not that much.
I hope you will like “The Threat Beneath” and that if you do, you will be as generous with your ratings and reviews on Amazon as you were with “Bridges Going Nowhere”. I won’t reveal any details about the new book except to say that it is hard-hitting and will probably not earn me many friends in high places in Swedish government.
I am currently working on the third and final part of “The Hart Trilogy”. The way I have conceptualised the series, the three books actually form a single unit. They are a progression, a maturing, a journey that carries the reader from fairly innocent and naïve beginnings to a conclusion that was already finalised in my mind some four years ago.
At the time of writing I am half-expecting a knock on my door from SÄPO, the excellent, hardworking and extremely praiseworthy Swedish Security Service. A security service that unfortunately finds its hands tied by political masters who are slaves to the religion of Political Correctness. SÄPO, if they do indeed come knocking on my door, will either want to arrest me because my writing is a tad too realistic for their tastes, seeing as it seems to spookily pre-empt some of the most cold-blooded terrorist atrocities in the civilised world. Or they will want to hire me to write training scenarios so they can sharpen their operational preparedness for what is in the pipeline even as you read these words.
The Threat Beneath” is available both as an e-book and in paperback from Amazon:
Paperback version of “The Threat Beneath
E-book version of “The Threat Beneath
Incidentally, “Bridges Going Nowhere” is now available in a second edition with a new cover and a slightly smaller format to match the second and upcoming third books in the series. Not just in terms of content but also in terms of their aesthetic design, “The Hart Trilogy” forms a cohesive whole.
All will be revealed on the last page of the third book.
“Bridges Going Nowhere”, 2nd edition paperback
“Bridges Going Nowhere”, 2nd edition e-book
Pleasant reading!