Want peace? Disband the UN

AS Iraq and Syria fall into the hands of pre-civilisational barbarians, as Christians, Yazidis and Kurds are being enslaved, raped and beheaded into submission and perhaps even into oblivion, there is one question that desperately needs an answer but which nobody is asking:
WHY are UN member states still paying their UN fees, as the UN stands idly by, providing massive salaries to its employees while millions of people are being turned into refugees or, even worse, impersonal death statistics?

IN the illogical state of affairs that is anything to do with the Middle East, sometimes it is healthy to take a step back and actually THINK about what’s what.
IN the entire Middle East, there is just one (1) functioning democracy. The Jewish state of Israel.
LIKE any other democracy, Israel too has its failings. Sweden, for instance, that peace-loving paragon of democracy, has just elected a government consisting of rabid Islamists and anti-Semites, some of whom actively support Islamist terror organisations.
HOWEVER, the world community tends to focus only on the negatives of the democracy that is Israel while ignoring all its legendary positives. At the same time ignoring all the massive negatives of the failed Arab states surrounding Israel and not being able to come up with one (1) single positive for these same Arab states.
THIS means there is something fundamentally wrong with the way the world community interfaces with this part of the world.
ISRAEL has provided emergency aid to catastrophe-stricken countries around the world, such as Japan, Haiti, Turkey, India, the Philippines, Congo, Jordan, Syria, Kurdistan, Gaza.
OF all these recipients, it is only Gaza that has repaid this selfless aid (financed by the Israeli taxpayer) with rockets, arson, car bombings, mortars, suicide bombings, attack tunnels, the cold-blooded shooting and knifing of infants, and deliberate attempts to carry out an attack on a nuclear facility.
YET of all these recipient nations, it is Gaza that receives both financial and political backing from the UN.
IN the UN, the majority of member states are ruled either by Islamic regimes renowned for their abysmal lack of democracy, or by autocratic, dictatorial non-Muslim regimes famed for their actively anti-democratic policies.
IF we are to truly tackle the existential threat facing the world community on a broad, cohesive front, instead of rushing to deal with outbreaks here and there caused by terrorist regimes such as Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, al Shabab, Hamas, Jihad Islami, Daesh/IS and others, then we have to get to the root of the problem.
AND the root of the problem is our absolute unwillingness to correctly identify the actual nature of the problem, the very heart of the issue:
ISLAMISM and the support it engenders among useful idiots and armchair radicals living in safety in the West.
TO do that we will first need to disband the UN in its current form, reconstituting it with members consisting solely of democracies. Thus allowing us to deal robustly with the real problem without having to take account of extremists who hog-tie our every effort to accomplish positive change for the good of people desperate for good.
THE long and the short of it: disband the UN. Now. Before it suffocates us all in an Islamist blanket of evil.
BECAUSE while a democracy like Israel does sterling aid work, for instance providing humanitarian assistance to Kurdish refugees in Iraq, a country with which it has no official relations (see the article below) it does so DESPITE august bodies like the UN, not because of them.
This article first appeared in the Times of Israel on October 20, 2014.