Blatant indoctrination in PA and UNRWA schools

Question: When was the Israeli city of Tel Aviv founded?
Answer: 1909.
Question: Why is this of interest?
Answer: Because the Palestinian Authority (PA) together with the UN’s educational organisation UNRWA is teaching vulnerable Palestinian Arab children the fine art of racism and ethnic hatred based on outright lies: Look at the video below, around 3:08 you will see a map of Israel where the WHOLE of Israel has been erased and replaced by a judenrein, ethnically cleansed “Palestine”. The Israeli city of Tel Aviv, founded by Jews in 1909 on empty sand dunes beside the port of Jaffa, is now claimed as part of this “Palestine”. Together with the rest of Israel. ALL of Israel.
This is education in  PA schools, provided by UNRWA. Let me explain. UNRWA is run on funds from at best naive well-wishers, at worst non-democratic regimes avidly pursuing an overtly racist policy of mass-murder of all Jews and Christians. Everywhere.
Examples of the former are the well-intended but woefully misguided governments of such countries as the USA, Britain, France, Sweden, Norway, Australia – you get the picture. Examples of the latter are Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan – you get the picture: beacons of misogyny, brutality, political demagoguery and the raw pursuit of power in the name of higher Islamist ideals.
Funding for UNRWA’s lies, racist hatred and brainwashing comes from these countries’ taxes. Tax revenues NOT spent on their own citizens but instead diverted to this kind of dissemination of raw propaganda based entirely on lies.
About time you contacted your MP or Senator and asked what they feel about diverting tax revenues from worthy projects at home to this kind of hatred.