There’s the truth. And then there’s the mainstream media.

At some stage in our Western civilisation, we are simply going to have to acknowledge the elephant in the room: that Islamism is per definition irreconcilable with democracy. 
Yes, this will immediately elicit howls of protest from PC “liberals” who, in the comfort of numbers, will band together to subvert the truth. But the fact is that it is not Arab nature, nor Arab society, nor Arab culture, that from time immemorial has persisted in the uncouth dhimmi maltreatment of non-Muslims as a sub-normal species. Rather, it is the Islamic religion that ordains this blatantly racist approach. It is not Arab culture that causes Tunisian allies Morsi in Cairo, Haniyeh in Gaza City, Abbas in Ramallah, or Ahmadinejad in Tehran to call for ridding the world of the Jewish state and indeed the Jews – it is their fanatical interpretation of the religion of Islam. On another, albeit intimately related, level is the question of just how much daylight there is between Islam the religion, and Islamism the violent political movement whose sole aim is world domination via the shari’a.
To read the rest of the article, click on this link to The Times of Israel where this piece was originally published on January 6, 2013.